Charlie Day Is Currently Writing Always Sunny Season 13

Charlie Day has confirmed that he is currently writing season 13 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This news comes after a series hiatus following season 12, which aired in early 2017.

The provocative FXX comedy series is one of the longest running-sitcoms in television history, with a current contract which will end with season 14. It's an incredibly popular TV show, and season 13 will be met with a lot of anticipation for starving fans. Always Sunny went on an extended hiatus to allow the cast to pursue other creative projects, one of which was Charlie Day's return in Pacific Rim Uprising.

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Speaking to Screen Rant during a press junket with the cast of Pacific Rim Uprising, Day confirmed that work is underway for season 13 of Always Sunny. Day said "I'm writing it right now and we've got some hilarious episodes in the works and I guarantee another year of Sunny that is familiar with the last 12 years." This should reassure many fans who were concerned with the fact that season 12 seemed to write off Dennis (Glenn Howerton), as he left Philadelphia to attempt to be a part of his son's life.

Danny Devito and Charlie Day in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This apparent character write-off also happened in conjunction with the announcement of Howerton's new series A.P. Bio on NBC, leaving many to wonder if Howerton was leaving Always Sunny for good. Howerton himself has said outright that he hasn't officially left Always Sunny, but he hasn't confirmed his return either. Day's comment doesn't confirm anything Howerton either, but it does provide a glimmer of hope that Always Sunny won't suffer from the absence of Dennis. In addition to Day's role in Pacific Rim Uprising and Howerton's A.P. Bio, Kaitlin Olsen has had another excellent season with The Mick, also on FXX.

Always Sunny has maintained an excellence in 12 seasons that is hard to quantify, which is a rare treat for a network television show. Started in 2005 by Howerton and Rob McElhenney, the series followed a certain rule set in place by Larry David for Seinfeld: no one learns anything. Based on five friends who own a bar in Philadelphia, the series follows "The Gang" and their schemes and plans to get rich, famous or drunk. Each character is delusional in their own way, with Frank Reynolds (a brilliant Danny DeVito) providing an extra layer of insanity. If season 13 is anything at all like the previous 12, it will be great to see The Gang in 2019.

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