'Charlie Countryman' Red-Band Trailer Is a Violent, Drug-Fueled Adventure

Evan Rachel Wood and Shia LaBeouf in 'Charlie Countryman'

The green-band trailer for Fredrik Bond's directorial debut Charlie Countryman hinted at a whole world of NSFW material lurking in between the cuts. In this indie thriller romance, Shia LaBeouf plays a young man who travels to Bucharest and falls in love with Gabi (Evan Rachel Wood), a woman who happens to be married to an extremely violent criminal played by Mads Mikkelsen.

The new red-band trailer definitely makes use of its license for violence, featuring various scenes of poor Charlie getting beaten up in creative ways, as well as his escapades with his friends Karl (Rupert Grint) and Luc (James Buckley), which provide a graphic demonstration of why taking Viagra before going to a club is generally a bad idea.

Charlie actually appears to be on a range of different drugs, both legal and not-so-legal, if this trailer is anything to go by. When you see an eye staring up at you from the drain in the urinal, it's probably time to sober up. Yet strangeness seems to be the fuel of Charlie Countryman, a film that divided critics when it screened at Sundance earlier this year and looks, if nothing else, like an entertainingly insane watch.

Evan Rachel Wood and Shia LaBeouf in 'Charlie Countryman'

Despite showing off some pretty intriguing imagery, this latest trailer unfortunately doesn't seem to have much of a flow to it, and some of the dialogue is muddied and difficult to make out. While it might not win everyone over, the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas meets Drive aesthetic and story could be appealing to fans of weird, psychedelic thrillers. It's just a shame that the original title of the film, which was pretty eye-catching and interesting, has been dropped in favor of simply putting the name of the main character on the posters.

Charlie Countryman is being screened in selective theaters later this month. Tell us in the comments if you're planning to seek it out, watch it on VOD or skip it entirely.


Charlie Countryman is out on VOD and limited theatrical release from November 15th, 2013.

Source: IGN

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