'The Peanuts Movie' Character Posters: Huge & Hyper-Detailed

Charlie Brown Peanuts Character Posters

The Peanuts Movie gave us a decent glance at Charlie and his friends a while ago with a series of colorful images, which was quickly topped by a teaser trailer, followed by a second. But since both trailers focused almost entirely on Snoopy's flying adventures (with the exception of the endings), a good look at the rest of Charlie's crew remained to be seen until recently when character posters of Patty, Marcie and Schroeder surfaced.

And now eight more character posters have been released.

With the release of these posters by Fox, we now have a good look at eleven characters out of a total of fourteen that will appear in the film (posters of Shermy, Sally Brown and Little Red-Haired Girl have yet to be unveiled). Each poster is incredibly vibrant and visually striking, showing off the Peanuts in a detailed way like never before. Check them out below:


Peanuts Charlie Brown Character Poster

Peanuts Franklin Character Poster

Peanuts Linus Character Poster

Peanuts Lucy Character Poster

Peanuts Pigpen Character Poster

Peanuts Snoopy and Woodstock Character Poster

Peanuts Violet Character Poster

Peanuts Woodstock Character Poster

When explaining why the hyper-detail of these characters in the posters didn't appear the same way in the finished footage, Blue Sky artist Francesco Giroldini had this to say on Cartoon Brew's Facebook Group:

"If it looks like the hair has been painted in Photoshop, it's because I painted it. In Photoshop. lol...These characters aren't meant to be seen in 6K. A lot of painting was necessary to break up edges that look nice and graphical at 2k but too simple at 6k."

It's interesting to note that of all the character posters released, each character has a smile on his or her face except Violet, Schroeder and Marcie (the last two appeared in the previously released character posters); in the case of Schroeder it makes sense as he's usually the cool kid playing the piano (when he isn't catcher on Charlie Brown's baseball team, that is), but Violet's frown may be more difficult to speculate upon since she is typically known to be a snob who looks down on people when they don't meet her social standards (her poster tagline is "Original Mean Girl").

It's also interesting (and very uplifting) to see Charlie Brown smiling since he has been known over the years to be generally nervous and lacking in self-confidence. However, he also has an incredibly optimistic side to him that we'll hopefully get to see more of in the film (as we saw in the first trailer when his frown turns to a smile).

The Peanuts have never been known for their overly flashy animation, and with the promise of staying true to the late Charles M. Schulz' original creations, it's refreshing to see that the current animation style can be simplistic yet beautiful and still evoke the same emotions from the old cartoons. With a new cast voicing the beloved characters, we'll have to wait and see how well it all works together.

Since a majority of the main characters have gotten their own posters, hopefully we'll get a new trailer soon that focuses on the entire cast, maybe even one depicting Charlie Brown trying to kick a football as it's pulled away by Patty (or by Violet - she was the first to do it, after all).

The Peanuts Movie opens in U.S. theaters on November 6th, 2015.

Source: CartoonBrew

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