It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 15 CRAZIEST Things Charlie Has Done

After 12 seasons, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia remains one of the best shows on television. The gang has been up to their antics for over a decade now, and continue to be one of the consistently funny shows on television. While other long-running comedies fall-off and drift into obscurity, Always Sunny seems to get better with every season released by FXX.

The gang has done some outrageous things over the course of their television appearance. They get away with some of the most offensive material. Whether it's dropping N-words, C-words and F-words all in one episode or debating the merits of black face in cinema, the gang has done it all. The most absurd of all characters on the show has to be the illiterate, illegitimate, borderline feral Charlie Kelly, as portrayed by Charlie Day.

Charlie has always been the odd-ball in the group. The rest of the gang's antics have risen over the years to match Charlie's, though no one can hold a candle to the bizarre and insane actions of Charlie Kelly - he is truly one of a kind.

Ahead are the 15 Craziest Things Charlie Kelly Has Done On It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Flowers for Charlie
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15 Believing He Was a Genius

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Flowers for Charlie

Charlie is known for being the lovable dope on Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It wasn't until the episode "Flowers for Charlie" that we see the tables turned, if only for a short while.

Charlie undergoes a scientific experiment to make him a genius while Mac, Dennis, and Dee try to take care of a rat they found in the bar. Charlie uses the drugs he's given to learn Mandarin, study, and create a breakthrough in the scientific world.

It isn't until the end of the episode - when it's revealed that Charlie's invention is a way for spiders to talk to cats - that the whole thing is a farce. Charlie's genius is only a result of the placebo effect, and so is the laundry list of side effects he's experiencing. By the time Charlie presents his findings, he's walking with a cane and talking as if he's injured - but it's all in his mind.

14 Banging Dee

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie and Dee Kiss

There have been a lot of disgusting sexual pairings on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but the grossest may be between two of our main characters. In "The Gang Misses the Boat", the gang splinters into fragments after a fight. Charlie and Dee are the only ones left from the group, and go to lunch together. The two have no agenda, which is unusual for members of the gang, so their discussion turns to expectations set for them by the group.

Charlie and Dee become close in this episode, which is fun to watch as Dennis' rage is spiraling out of control. The two pick up def poetry and begin to perform for themselves and Dennis. When Charlie suggests the two perform, the unthinkable happens.

After a rush of confidence on both parties, Charlie and Dee kiss and subsequently bang. The viewer is forced to watch as two of the most unlikely characters engage in physical affection, leaving us cringing and screaming at our televisions.

Of course, in traditional Always Sunny fashion, the two become extremely awkward around each other until they decide to never talk about it again.

13 Kidnapping a Journalist

Charlie Day with Newspaper reporter played by Fisher Stevens in Its Always Sunny

In "Paddy's Pub: The Worst Bar in Philadelphia", the gang receives a bad review in a local newspaper and visit the writer to try to get a better review. This plan goes south almost immediately, but the gang leave and go about their business.

Eventually, Charlie enters and tells his friends, "I did something," prompting them to come outside and find Lyle Korman, the writer, in the trunk of his own car at the front of their bar.

Charlie and the gang hold Korman hostage - though they're clear that it isn't a kidnapping - and tell him to write another review. The heat gets turned up as Dennis and Dee accidentally kidnap Kroman's neighbor in an attempt to cover Charlie's tracks.

While the entirety of the nonsense in the episode isn't credited to Charlie, his actions set the entire plot of the episode in motion.

12 Writing a Musical for The Waitress

It's Always Sunny The Nightman Cometh

In "The Nightman Cometh", Charlie writes a musical for the gang to perform. The gang asks why he wrote the musical in the beginning of the episode, though it Charlie's true intention isn't revealed until the show is over.

The musical is filled with Charlie's signature oddities including trolls, rape, and a grown woman professing her love for a young boy. Charlie is a crazed director for the entirety of the show - which is horrible from start to finish.

In the end, the most likely reasoning for creating a musical is revealed: Charlie wanted to ask The Waitress to marry him. She said no, of course, but Charlie reneges on his deal to stop stalking The Waitress. As The Waitress leaves, so does all of Charlie's motivation for the musical.

11 Seducing a Woman to Make The Waitress Jealous

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie and Dee Find Love

Charlie does absolutely everything for The Waitress, which is why it was surprising to see him fall in love with another woman and leave The Waitress behind. Charlie has been stalking her since the pilot episode of the show, and in "Charlie and Dee Find Love," it looks like he's found a stable relationship for the first time in his life.

Since Charlie is ignoring The Waitress, Dennis enlists the help of Frank to try to keep The Waitress off of his back. Frank is supposed to do all of the crazy things Charlie does, but ends up botching all of his tasks and essentially poisons her.

Charlie, Mac, and Dee are all invited to a high-class party. While Mac and Dee were only invited for ridicule, Charlie's date is actually interested in him. Dennis comes to reveal the deceit in the making, but finds that Charlie "has the cruelest intentions of all."

When The Waitress begs for Charlie to continue to stalk her, Charlie ditches the woman who truly loves him for one that wants him 30 feet away at all times. He only seduced this woman so that his original love would come back to him.

10 Berating the Waitress into Having a Baby

Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Charlie Day in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Charlie's love of The Waitress has been a consistent theme of Always Sunny since the very first episode. Nearly everything Charlie does revolves around The Waitress and winning her heart. Whenever someone is wondering why Charlie is doing something, it's nearly always to get closer to his dream of wedding and bedding The Waitress.

In the season finale of season 12, "Dennis' Double Life", Charlie finally realizes his dream. He tells the Waitress how terrible her life has become, and that she's really gone downhill in the past decade. He suggests that she might be able to get her life back on track using Frank's money if Charlie and her had a baby, and she finally relents and sleeps with him.

After the two have sex, The Waitress says it wasn't nearly as bad as she predicted. This marks the point where the tables turn. After he finally has sex wit her, Charlie wants The Waitress to leave him alone. He even runs to Dee to enlist her help, saying The Waitress is stalking him now.

9 Taking Over the World

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie Rules the World

The episode "Charlie Rules the World" is one of the only times in the series that we see the structure of the gang subverted. Everyone (with the exception of Dennis) gets involved in an online video game. Charlie proves to be the best suited for this digital world, leading him to take over until Dennis pulls the plug.

Charlie - and everyone else - is so invested in the game that he prioritizes it over real life. He manipulates his way to the top by taking out the previous leader in an act of betrayal. Charlie goes on a date with a young woman from the game, but soon reveals his true intentions when she opens his gift: a box of spiders.

Charlie used this time to sack the girl's kingdom, making him the de facto ruler of the game. His true colors show as he pushes "Charlie work" on the gang until Dennis enters with his terrible British accent, informing them that he has deleted their characters.

8 Frank's Date

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Frank's Date

In the episode "Frank's Pretty Woman", the gang tries to convince Frank not to marry a hooker he's been banging. Dee tries to reinvent the hooker, Roxy, while Dennis tries to fix Mac's weight problem. While this is going on, Charlie is trying to find a woman more suitable for Frank.

Charlie puts a a dating ad to lure in a woman for Frank. Being Charlie, he tries to use deception to his advantage and fails at every turn. He sets up a date with a woman for himself, saying that he's an oil millionaire. Frank, the real millionaire, is playing Charlie's limo driver. Since Frank doesn't want a woman who's only interested in money, Charlie thinks this is the perfect situation. After all, who wouldn't want to go on a date with a limo driver?

The plan is working - to an extent - but fails substantially when Charlie tries to cough up blood. He actually swallowed the blood capsules instead of keeping them in his mouth, which causes him to projectile vomit the blood all over the unsuspecting woman. She's understandably terrified, and leaves the limo without ever entertaining Frank as a possible romantic interest.

7 The Final Bird Law Defense

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Bird Law

In all of the time we've known Charlie Kelly, he's done little to further the cause of any of the gang's ploys. Even more, he's often the one to bring the hammer crashing down when the gang thinks they're about to succeed. There are only two instances where Charlie is the hero: in "Charlie Work" and in his practical knowledge of Bird Law.

It wasn't a surprise that Charlie took the annual health inspection seriously. What was a surprise was how he cracked the case in "McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century".

We've heard a lot about Charlie's knowledge of Bird Law throughout Always Sunny seasons, but this is the first time it became useful. Charlie cracks the case by proving that the McPoyle family bird was the one that took Liam's eye. The success wasn't long-lasting, though, as his bird expert was not able to elicit a confession from the bird.

6 Charlie's Date

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie's Date

Frank's date wasn't close to a success, but it pales in comparison to Charlie's antics on a date of his own. The dating profile Mac and Dennis create for Charlie is a classic Always Sunny moment. Charlie professes his love for milksteak and ghouls along with his distaste for people's knees, inspiring an uncountable amount of Tinder profiles across the country.

The date is hilariously terrible, as Charlie is sweating through his shirt before the woman even shows up. He stinks of cheese and can't get his backstory straight, leading him to tell the woman that he's a "full-on-rapist" instead of "philanthropist."

When he comes back from his bathroom council with Mac and Dennis, he tells the woman that he was trying to take a shirt from one of the men he met in the bathroom. Dennis tries to save the day, but only makes matters worse when Charlie tries to order a milksteak "boiled hard."

5 The Hitler Painting

There are a lot of moving parts in "Pop-Pop: The Final Solution", but most of the episode revolves around a dog painting Charlie received from Pop-Pop. Charlie tells Mac that he may have received one of Hitler's original painting the first time he met Pop-Pop.

Mac and Charlie spend the entirety of the episode searching for the painting. Mac wants to give it to a museum like Indiana Jones, but Charlie clearly wants the painting back in his apartment. They eventually track the painting down at a dentist's office full of German Shepard paintings, leading Mac to theorize that Hitler went mad at the loss of his German Shepard.

After getting braces from the dentist and a healthy dose of madness, Charlie reveals that he painted the dog and that it must be destroyed. Obviously no one cares about the painting now that they know Hitler didn't paint it. While Mac and Charlie burn the painting in the alley Charlie tells him that it's not actually a Charlie Kelly original; he painted over an old painting Pop-Pop gave him. As the episode ends, Charlie's painting melts away to reveal the Adolf Hitler's signature.

4 Putting the Bar at Stake

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie's Dance

Charlie's illiteracy (what does that even mean?) has put the bar at risk multiple times; none more so than in "The Gang Dances Their Asses Off". In this episode, Charlie puts the bar as collateral in a dance marathon, meaning whoever dances the longest wins Paddy's Pub.

Frank's employee ranking system is also introduced in this episode, which gives the gang a reason to compete among themselves. Everyone wants to be in charge of the bar, so they fight each other until there is only one left standing. Dee gets taken out by Cricket, meaning Charlie and Frank's homeless ringer are the only two left.

Unfortunately for Charlie, he knowingly ate one of Frank's drugged brownies and hit the ground before the competition had ended.

3 Catching a Leprechaun

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia St. Paddy's Day

There was a lot of kidnapping in "Charlie Catches a Leprechaun", but Charlie took the cake when he trapped and kidnapped a little person whom he thought was a leprechaun. Charlie eventually convinces Mac that they've found themselves a genuine leprechaun, and the two try to get the coordinates of his pot of gold.

While Frank, Dee, and Dennis are conducting their own kidnappings, Charlie and Mac try to extract information from their leprechaun prisoner. The little person eventually admits that he's a leprechaun in the hopes that he'll be set free, but that only makes Charlie and Mac more determined. Mac takes the hint that the gold is "at the bottom of the rainbow" literally, and heads to a local gay bar called "The Rainbow" to investigate - alone.

The next time we see Charlie he's dancing around to "Stuck in the Middle with You" in the style of Reservoir Dogs, drinking from a can of green paint. He's about to slice the neck of the Leprechaun to see if he "bleeds green" when the rest of the gang walks in to stop him.

2 The Song

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Charlie's Song

Charlie Kelly has a natural talent as a musician. The same is true for Charlie Day, the actor who plays Charlie. In "The Gang Desperately Tries to Win an Award", Charlie performs his masterpiece for a bar full of onlookers.

Initially, the song was supposed to be a Randy Newman-style song about how great the bar is. Charlie seemed confused when the gang was pleased at the lack of spiders and rape references in the song.

When the song is finally performed, it was only after Charlie had escaped the basement, where the gang had locked him after his first performance. This version opened with spider references, and ended with the repeating line, "Go f*ck yourselves," accompanied by a barrage of spit.

To make matters even more hilarious; this wasn't the only version of the song. The song was largely improvised, and the versions that didn't make the cut can be found on YouTube.

1 Beating Santa

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Santa vs Charlie

The Christmas episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was chock-full of traumatizing memories of Christmas past with Dee and Dennis reliving Frank's torture and Mac finding out his childhood was spent robbing other families of their Christmas presents. The most chilling revelation was made by Charlie, who found out that his mother was a prostitute.

For those who haven't seen the episode, it is revealed in a flashback that Charlie's mother had multiple "Santas" over her house every Christmas. They would bring a present for Charlie and then go upstairs to "cheer up" his mother. Mac reflects on this tradition and realizes what the audience sees: Charlie's mother was a prostitute.

Charlie seems to be taking it in stride until Mac and Charlie get to the mall. Charlie spots a mall Santa and sees red, pushing through the line to take his seat on Santa's lap. Instead of a present, Charlie asks Santa, "Did you f*ck my mom?" When Santa doesn't respond, Charlie gets on top of Santa and beats him - even biting him - all the while screaming "Did you f*ck my mom?!?" in front of a group of terrified children.


 Twelve seasons of madness It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia madness can't be entirely outlined in a fifteen item list, so leave your favorite Charlie moment that we missed in the comments!

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