Captain America Shooting at Cable

Like a power line, Cable has connected countless storylines and universes in the comic book world. Despite all his achievements, however, few proved more significant than the episodes in which he brandished Captain America's shield. In one instance, Cable demonstrates the lore surrounding the vibranium shield by telling Cap it exists in

the future. What a compliment! No amount of warfare or lapsed time can erode what is truly immortal.

How does Cable get his hands on the shield? Well, because he's a time-traveling cyborg, he can essentially act with utter autonomy. In Avengers X-Sanction, Cable and Captain America duke it out, switching weapons at a key moment. Though Cap loses his shield to Cable, Captain America gets the cyborg's sidearm and fires away. Things don't end so well in this issue for Cap, however, who loses his shield for good and gets a gun pointed at his temple by the cyborg.

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