11Hate Monger

Marvel's Hate-Monger

The presence of Hate-Monger, a posthumous clone of Adolf Hitler, drives home the relevance of Captain America throughout the 1940s. Bent on destruction, continued genocide and mass extermination via anthrax, Hate-Monger nearly fulfills his goals.

With Captain America and Falcon in chains, he strips the superheroes of their powers and takes Cap's precious shield

as prisoner. Disfiguring its all-American star, Hate-Monger replaces the shield's insignia with a Swastika and makes a mockery of its representation of freedom. Thrown into a pit flooding with water, Captain America struggles to survive while Falcon is strapped to a launch-position missile armed with deadly chemical warheads. When he can finally escape, Captain America takes back his shield, throws it at Falcon and frees him from the chains, then proceeds to pursue the Hate-Monger with fury.

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