16 Characters Supernatural Wants You To Completely Forget

If there’s one thing Supernatural loves to do, it’s getting rid of characters we’re just not ready to say goodbye to.

In a show that’s been on the air for 13 seasons, it’s only natural to lose a few important characters along the way. However, fans of Supernatural know that when it comes to life with the Winchesters, no one is safe for long.

Over the years, we’ve watched the brothers battle a slew of otherworldly creatures. Throughout the ongoing fight between good versus evil, some of our favorite soldiers have fallen.

We've said goodbye to John Winchester, Jo, Ellen, and even Bobby. We lost Rufus, Ash, Pamela, Bela, Crowley; the list goes on and on. Some we knew we had to bid farewell to and others caught us completely by surprise.

The thing about Supernatural is - whether it’s hunters, demons, angels, or another crazy creature - losing a member of the cast is never an easy thing to accept.

These are the characters, whether good or evil, dead or alive, whose seemingly final storyline left us all shaking our heads and wanting more.

Here are 16 Characters Supernatural Wants You To Forget.

16 Chuck (AKA God)

Eric Kripke did such a brilliant job constructing the first five seasons of Supernatural that, had the series ended then, as was the original plan, it might have gone down as one of the most perfectly executed shows ever in existence. Well, at least on The CW.

By Chuck Shurley’s (first) disappearance, we all kind of had it figured out that our ghostwriter was in fact, actually God. Fans waited patiently, wondering how (and when) they would bring him back after watching him evaporate into thin air at the end of season 5. Six seasons later, our prayers were answered, when Chuck returned and revealed himself as God to Metatron.

Unfortunately, he reentered with a weak storyline about why he stayed disappeared and then was promptly swept away again with his sister, the Darkness, to somewhere else that is once again unknown.

15 Garth

As a hunter, Garth (DJ Qualls) leaves a lot to be desired, but he proves himself in season 7. When he swoops in to help the boys on a case (along with Bobby’s ghost) it welcomes his character into the Supernatural family. We see him again in season 8, when he reveals he’s been out there, filling Bobby’s rather large shoes, but then he doesn’t physically turn up again until season 9; this time, as a werewolf.

Since fans took comfort after Bobby’s death in the idea of Garth carrying on his legacy, the thought of the character going from hunter to hunted, seemed awfully cruel. Luckily, Garth had fallen in love with another peace-loving werewolf named Bess. After the Winchesters helped them eliminate some of their own rogue pack members, Bess and Garth demonstrated that some monsters really are good and the two vanished so that they can live happily ever after… for now.

14 Amy Pond

Jewel Staite as Amy Pond in Supernatural

Ranking up there as one of the most unforgivable acts Dean Winchester has ever committed is the murder of Amy Pond. As kids, Sam had saved Amy’s life and Amy returned the favor, sacrificing her own mother in the process. After the incident, Amy wanted to run away with Sam but since she was a Kitsune and he was a hunter, obviously that wasn’t going to work.

Flash forward to years later. While Amy chose a life walking the straight and narrow, she had recently been forced to kill after her young son fell ill. Sam discovers what’s happening but decides to let her go, given the circumstances. Dean promptly shows up after Sam’s departure to murder Amy, but not before Amy’s son can be there to witness his mother’s death. The boy swore revenge, claiming that he would one day return to kill Dean.

13 Adam Milligan (Winchester)

After John’s demise, discovering Sam and Dean’s half-brother in season 4 gave viewers a glimmer of hope to see another Winchester in the picture. Sadly, that would fizzle fast as we quickly learned Adam and his mother were killed by ghouls who were out seeking revenge on John Winchester.

Adam was cleverly revived in season 5 as the brother chosen to help Michael defeat Lucifer. As if things couldn’t get worse for poor Adam, during the battle, he ends up getting trapped in the cage (as Michael) with Sam (as Lucifer). When Death says he can only save one brother, Dean chooses Sam (of course), leaving Adam imprisoned in Hell with Lucifer and Michael.

By the time season 10 rolled around, in the episode “Fan Fiction”, there was even a joke poking fun at the fact that there was this “forgotten” character who was just stuck in Hell indefinitely.

12 Gadreel

While this conflicted character first tricked the boys into believing he was the angel Ezekiel, there was still something special about Gadreel’s tortured soul that made you understand, whether it was in Heaven or on Earth, he thought he was doing the right thing.

Once his identity was exposed and we learned he was being manipulated by Metatron, fans were counting on him to make the right choice. The good news is that he did. The bad news is that it didn’t happen before smiting and killing Kevin Tran (in Sam’s body), acting on Metatron’s orders.

Once Gadreel learned of Metatron’s manipulation he then teamed up with Castiel in order to set everything right. Unfortunately, that meant blowing himself up to free Cas, which he did. The plan worked and we were forced to say goodbye to the misguided angel.

11 Benny Lafitte

Benny LaFitte Supernatural

Benny first came to Dean’s rescue during season 8. The vampire and the hunter became fast friends as they worked together battling monsters, searching for Castiel, and planning their escape from Purgatory. After they broke free, Dean kept his promise and resurrected Benny so that he could go on to live on the outside as the monster with a heart.

Sadly, that doesn’t happen. The reformed bloodsucker ends up first having to eliminate the love of his life and then is left with no choice but to abandon his great granddaughter. He's forced to go on the run after being framed by a maniacal vampire and hunted by John’s old friend Martin Creaser, whom he had to kill in self-defense.

Eventually, Benny reappears to offer Dean his life in order to guide Sam and save Bobby from Purgatory. He’s last seen getting taken down by a group of vengeful vampires.

10 Krissy Chambers

In season 7, we met Krissy Chambers. As the teenage daughter of a hunter who was seeking revenge for the death of her mother, her life paralleled Dean in too many ways to count. After she and Dean partnered on a hunt to save her dad, it seemed like she was ready to leave the life.

But Krissy popped up again in season 8, when we discovered that her father had been murdered. She was living with other kids who also lost their families to vampires. They were led by their mentor, Victor Rogers, who turned out to be behind all of the killings in some scheme to create efficient hunters. In the end, he took his own life and left Krissy and the kids to go raise themselves.

Dean mentioned Garth would be checking in on her from time to time, which - now that he’s a werewolf - seems highly improbable.

9 Sarah Blake

When we were introduced to Sarah Blake in season 1, the chemistry between she and Sam was like a breath of fresh air; especially after all of the heartbreak both he and Dean seemed to keep coming up against. As an art dealer helping the boys investigate a series of deaths, she jumped right into the supernatural life. Dean was even encouraging the romance, but, since relationships are never conducive to the show’s storyline, the two parted ways and Sarah eventually ended up married with child.

In season 8, after Crowley threatens Sarah's life, the boys show up to demon proof the place but, unfortunately, there was nothing to stop what was coming. Crowley takes her out with a spell, in front of the boys. After she dies, Dean discovers the hex bag was in the phone the whole time. She was just about to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday.

8 Metatron

Supernatural Quiz - Metatron

When the Word of God joined the series in season 8, it wasn’t surprising that the writers would make him out to be a bad guy. Supernatural loves to run with the whole embittered angel thing, which made Metatron the perfect character to experience some serious growth.

After years of manipulation, backstabbing, lies, murder, and more, season 11 found Metatron living on Earth as a human, in the form of a weaselly videographer. Castiel sought him out to gather information on the Darkness, only to let him go free in the end.

In “Don't Call Me Shurley”, Chuck appears to the scribe as God, asking him to pen his autobiography. By the time we said goodbye to the character that had caused so much destruction, we watched Metatron join Team Winchester (along with Lucifer) to try to defeat Amara. Metatron ended up sacrificing himself to save the world and was destroyed by the Darkness.

7 Jesse Turner

When young Jesse Turner was introduced in season 5, we learned that the boy (also known as a Cambion) was conceived while his mother was possessed by a demon. As a result, Jesse could do crazy things like alter reality, warp logic, move objects with his mind, and instantly appear anywhere on Earth. He could also hide himself from humans, angels, and demons if he wanted.

Even though Castiel warns the boys to kill Jesse, as his destiny is supposed to align with Lucifer, Sam and Dean refuse, teaching the child an important lesson in free will. Jesse then reverses most of the damage he had caused and vanishes so as to not endanger his family anymore. He hasn’t been seen since.

6 Lisa

Cindy Sampson as Lisa and Nicholas Elia as Ben in Supernatural

Lisa Braeden was as close to “the one who got away” for Dean Winchester as he was ever going to get. In season 3, while fighting off changelings, Sam and Dean rolled right into Lisa’s neighborhood, where they discovered her young son, Ben, who seemed to have been a result of Dean and Lisa’s fling from long ago.

Though it turned out that he wasn't Dean’s son, this did spark something in Dean and, years later (season 5) after Sam goes to Hell, Dean returns to start a life with Lisa. Of course, once Sam (partially) returned, Dean’s relationship with Lisa fell to pieces and by the end of season 6, he had gone from fighting to save their romance to fighting to save her life.

After Lisa was possessed by one of Crowley’s demons and stabbed herself, Dean called on Cas to heal her and then erase all memory of him.

5 Amelia Richardson

In season 8, when Sam attempts his own version of a “normal” life, we meet a veterinarian named Amelia Richardson. She appears to have had a traumatizing past as well, after losing her husband in Afghanistan.

While Dean is gone, the two bond over the common theme of love and loss and end up forming a solid relationship. That is, until we find out Amelia’s deceased ex is not so deceased, after all. Sam, of course, does the right thing and leaves them to be together, which works out great because Dean is now freed from Purgatory.

Later in the season, in an attempt to throw Sam off of Benny’s trail, Dean sends Sam back to Texas, where he and Amelia reconnect. Amelia chooses to leave her husband to be with Sam and Sam chooses to carry on hunting with Dean. Rough stuff.

4 Kevin

Orsic Chau as Kevin Tran in Supernatural

As a prophet of The Lord, Kevin Tran was the only one who could potentially read the Leviathan tablet in season 7. With all of the stress of saving the world on him, the student suddenly found himself caught between angels, demons, Leviathans, and the Winchesters.

Things get complicated in seasons 8 and 9 when Kevin becomes a hot commodity, and as he extracts information from the demon tablet, things start to unravel. He witnesses Crowley snap his girlfriend’s neck, he starts hallucinating, gets smote by Gadreel, ends up as a ghost, and then discovers his mom (who he thought was dead) was actually really alive the entire time.

Finally, in season 11, after being stuck in the Veil for years, God ascends his soul to heaven. Season 13 also brought on an alternate reality version of the prophet. Fans were happy just to get “A Little Slice of Kevin”.

3 Becky

Becky Rosen appears at the height of season 5 as the writer of creepy Winchester fanfiction. Her love for Carver Edlund’s (Chuck’s) books pretty much made her the foremost authority on the Winchesters. It even helped the boys find the Colt.

Early on, she tricks Sam and Dean into attending a “Supernatural convention”, which, lucky for everyone, turned out to be an actual ghost hunt. Although she’s completely obsessed with Sam, she and Chuck seem to develop a budding romance at some point.

Becky reappears in season 7 after drugging Sam and tricking him into marrying her – all for a hot date to her high school reunion. Turned out, the potion she used to put him under a spell was from a Crossroads Demon. In the end, they all defeated the demon together, Sam forgave Becky, and then she hinted that she might be interested in Garth. We haven’t seen her since.

2 Charlie

The death of Charlie Bradbury was heartbreaking for so many reasons. We met her in season 7, while we were saying goodbye to some of our other favorite characters, which gave fans an added reason to not want to lose Charlie.

As the computer whiz/ LARPer became a full-fledged hunter, Charlie continued to win us over every quip of the way. She was also the only character with a same-sex orientation to appear on multiple episodes. In season 9, we watched Charlie disappear into Oz and then happily welcomed her return in season 10 as the battle with the Styne family grew increasingly more brutal over the Book of the Damned.

Toward the end of the season, though, her typically savvy character made a series of uncharacteristically bad choices which left her very much dead. Needless to say, fans are still up in arms about this one.

1 Missouri Moseley

Every Supernatural fan has been anxiously awaiting the reprisal of Missouri Moseley since season 1. The psychic rivaled Pamela with her abilities and had that longtime connection to John Winchester, reminding everybody what the true spirit of “Home” is all about. She was also one of the only characters who had potential to return and had not been killed off yet.

Season 13 finally gave us Missouri in the episode featuring a Wraith who was targeting psychics. Surprisingly (or maybe not), the Wraith took Missouri out not even halfway through the episode. While precognition gave Missouri the power to see her own death, it also allowed her to choose how it was going to happen. She went out knowing this would be the only way to save her family. Fans should take comfort that even though Missouri may be dead, when it comes to Supernatural, dead doesn’t have to mean gone.


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