It Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Fans of Stephen King loved seeing It get brought to the big screen. What Hogwart Houses would these beloved characters fit into? Let's take a look.

When the general public hears someone mention It by Stephen King, the image of a killer clown usually springs to mind. Although Pennywise is a staple of King's story and there are numerous scares that creep up along the way, It feels much more like a coming of age tale about the beauty of friendship as opposed to a horror story about a clown who eats children. Although the horror elements are strong in both the book and the film adaptation, what causes people to truly fall in love with the story is the characters along with their relationships with one another.

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With It: Chapter 2 only weeks away, what better way to anticipate the film than to sort these characters into Hogwarts houses?


Beverly Marsh is arguably the bravest member of The Losers' Club because she is able to conquer her fears that stretch far beyond the likes of a killer clown. Sure, Pennywise is scary, but have you met Bev's dad? Derry has a pretty awful track record when it comes to the parenting skills within the town, but nobody is as inconsiderate and heinous as Beverly Marsh's father.

As we know from Stephen King's novel, Bev's future husband is no better when it comes to the poor way he treats her. It takes a whole lot of courage for the kind-spirited redhead to stand up against the constant abuse she has suffered through all her life, yet she manages to do so with the help of her best friends. Sounds like a true Gryffindor to us.


When it comes down to it, Ben Hanscom is a true romantic. He sees his friends in an idealistic light and he will gladly risk his own life in order to save the people he loves the most. When it comes to his undying affection for Beverly Marsh, Ben feels as though he can only love her from afar because, as stated in the book, "fat boys" like him never end up with "girls like Beverly."

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Due to his insecurities Ben keeps these feelings a secret, yet he still wants her to feel loved. To achieve his desire to make Beverly happy, he writes her the poem "January Embers" and decides to leave it anonymous. He may lack the Gryffindor courage it takes when it comes to expressing his true love for Beverly, but in the nature of a true Hufflepuff, he is acting out of love as opposed to self-interest.


Wyatt Oleff and Jesse Eisenberg as Stan Uris in IT

Stan Uris is the classic example of a Ravenclaw. As addressed often in King's novel, Stan is the character who struggles the most with Pennywise because the killer clown goes against everything he has ever believed in. What does Stan believe in the most? Logic. Out of all the members in The Losers' Club, he relies the most on logic and reason in order to better understand the world around him.

This is why he loses control when Pennywise comes back because he is unable to find a logical explanation for the shape-shifting clown's existence. When he can't find any rational explanation behind the evil that lurks in Derry he struggles greatly due to the fact that his whole way of thinking has become utterly skewed.


There is a reason this kid is referred to as "trash mouth," and it's because he says exactly what's on his mind without the slightest inkling of regret. Beep Beep, Richie! Even though his words often get him into a whole lot of trouble, this kid will say anything in order to get a laugh out of his friends. Richie understands the power of laughter and how it can efficiently mend darkest of times.

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He is the king of comedic relief within The Losers' Club and his friends can always rely on him to make the tough situations a whole lot more bearable. His fearless behavior would make Godrick Gryffindor proud. Plus, we all know for a fact that Richie, Fred, and George, would make for the most epic friend group of all time. 


Mike Hanlon is the ultimate Ravenclaw for a number of different reasons. For starters, he grows up to become a librarian. He is also constantly reading and doing research. Who better than a Ravenclaw to be caught with their nose stuck in a book? Mike is essentially the character that brings The Losers' Club back together after 27 years apart. If it wasn't for him, who knows what would become of Pennywise?

Because of Mike's commitment to knowledge and research, he is able to help The Losers' Club ultimately defeat the killer clown once and for all. If it wasn't for his wisdom and vast knowledge, perhaps the town of Derry would no longer exist.


Jack Dylan Grazer Eddie It 2017

Eddie Kaspbrak is a kind-hearted Hufflepuff, through and through. For starters, he considers himself to be a "Lover" rather than a "Loser." Just look at his cast! Eddie's mother, (who is clearly suffering from Munchhausen Syndrom By Proxy), forbids her son from ever hanging out with the losers' again.

Yet because of Eddie's loyalty to his friends he manages to stand up to her and he is willing to jeopardize his relationship with Mrs. Kaspbrak in order to maintain his everlasting friendship with The Losers' Club. That sounds like a total Hufflepuff move if you want to know the truth.


Bill Denbrough is a natural-born leader. In the book, Bill is even compared to John F. Kennedy due to his natural charisma and leadership skills. He is born to take charge and  The Losers' Club can't help but look up to "Big Bill" because of it.

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In a lot of ways, Bill can be easily compared to Harry Potter (who is, of course, a Gryffindor). Like Harry, Bill seems to be "the chosen one" out of the group despite the fact that he doesn't want to be. Like Harry, "Big Bill" has lost an important family member to a tragic murder. Bill's bike, Silver, reminds us a lot of Harry's firebolt. There are so many similarities between the two characters it is practically uncanny.


Henry Bowers is basically the mullet-wearing '80s version of Draco Malfoy. Henry admires his old man and is always trying to impress him despite the fact that they have a toxic relationship. Henry constantly bullies the underdogs at school. Sound like anyone? That's because he and Draco are basically the same person (although Bowers is arguably worse).

Unlike in Harry Potter when Draco has a few moments of quiet redemption, Henry is evil through and through. Despite Slytherin's negative reputation, they are also notably the most ambitious out of all four houses. This works perfectly for Henry who will stop at nothing to destroy The Losers'.


We get a small glimpse of this in the film, but in King's novel, Georgie's loyalty towards his big brother Bill is ever-present. Georgie will do pretty much anything to please 'Big Bill' and the last thing he wants to do is let him down. When he is tragically killed by Pennywise, he thinks of his family and feels guilty for how they will take the news of his death.

Even at the age of six, he has incredible emotional intelligence and he is constantly considering others. Plus, Georgie is always sporting yellow which reveals his true affiliation with the house of Hufflepuff!


What'd you think he'd be, a Hufflepuff?

This one is perhaps the most obvious of all because Pennywise is the definition of a power-hungry Slytherin. He eats children and feasts on their fear for crying out loud! How much more "Slytherin" can you really get? He has all the ambition of a Slytherin as well because he will stop at nothing to terrorize the town of Derry and all the people who reside in it. Plus, he hangs out below ground in the sewers and the Slytherin common room is also underground in the dungeons. We guess these characters prefer lower ground locations because they're closer to Hell? *shrugs*.

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