5 Characters Guaranteed To Be Featured In Spider-Man: Far From Home (5 We Hope To See)

Fans have a lot of questions about Spider-Man: Far From Home, especially since it's the first post-Avengers: Endgame chapter in the MCU. With the first trailer released earlier this month, we have our first glimpse at what to expect, including some of the characters we'll see.

As expected, there are a few returning favorites, like Aunt May, Ned, and MJ. There's also some familiar faces and some very exciting new characters. Of course, there's always the chance for a few surprise appearances as well. Could other Avengers pop up? Maybe some classic Spider-Man characters finally returning to the big screen? Have a look some of the characters now confirmed and some we're still hoping will show up in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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10. Guaranteed: Mysterio

Whispers of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio being the main villain in this film have been around for a while, but they remained rumors. Even some sneaky set photos failed to show definitively whether the actor or the character were absolutely involved.

It was officially confirmed shortly before the trailer dropped and that first footage left no doubt. Gyllenhaal emerged from a cloud of smoke looking like he stepped right out of the comic book – including the iconic fish-bowl helmet. Appropriately, there still remains quite a bit of mystery surrounding his actual role in the film.

9. Hoping: Doctor Strange

While it's good to see heroes get to do their own thing in solo movies, it's so much fun seeing Spider-Man interact with his fellow Avengers. If this sequel is looking to pair Peter with another hero, a great choice would be Doctor Strange.

If they’re looking for a cameo, Doctor Strange seems like an ideal choice. Early looks at Mysterio suggest his powers have some connection to Strange and would then make sense for the Sorcerer Supreme to take an interest. It would also be great for Strange and Peter to further cement their relationship, since the latter might be looking for a new mentor.

8. Guaranteed: Nick Fury

Making his first appearance in Iron Man’s post-credit sequence, Nick Fury has remained the glue of the MCU ever since. 2018 is a big year for him, appearing in Captain Marvel and likely popping up in Avengers: Endgame.

The trailer gave official confirmation that Fury will recruit Spidey in this film, giving us our first interaction between the two characters. Seeing super-excited Peter playing off super-serious Fury will no doubt provide some laughs. Also, any inclusion of Fury brings the possibility of him setting the stage for something bigger to come.

7. Hoping: J. Jonah Jameson

J Jonah Jameson laughing Spider-Man meme

Despite three different Spider-Man franchises, we still only have one cinematic version of J. Jonah Jameson. Obviously, J.K Simmons’ performance is hard to top, but it seems inevitable that the fan-favorite character will eventually appear again.

It might seem unlikely that he would fit into this international story, but it would be a nice treat to see even a small cameo. It would also be interesting be see the MCU’s version of the character. Would he be an angry cable news pundit? A boisterous podcast host? A news blogger? The possibilities are endless.

6. Guaranteed: Maria Hill

Maria Hill

When Nick Fury is included, it seems inevitable that his trusty right-hand, Maria Hill will also be included. She has been a staple of the MCU for a long time now and it’s always fun for her to join in the action.

The trailer gave us the briefest of glimpses at her, with no real context for her role. While not too likely, it would be nice to see her get a bit of an expanded role this time around. We still no so little about her and it might be time to use her beyond Fury’s sidekick.

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5. Hoping: Norman Osborn

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The MCU has done a good job of giving us some new villains, instead of just reusing the ones we’ve already seen. Still, we’re hoping that Spidey can meet up with his old nemesis, Norman Osborn at some point.

Without any actor named, we probably won't be seeing him yet, but he could possibly pop up in a post-credit scene. This could lay the groundwork for a confrontation in the presumed third Spider-Man film. Following the comics, Osborn could certainly play a big role in the overall MCU going forward.

4. Guaranteed: Happy Hogan

One of the nice surprises of Spider-Man: Homecoming was the comedic relationship between Peter and Happy Hogan. Given that Jon Favreau played a significant role in kick-starting the MCU, it’s great to see him still involved.

With the implications of what might happen in Avengers: Endgame, it would be nice for Peter to maintain a connection to Stark. It’s likely we’ll see the bond between these two deepen beyond the babysitting-type relationship we last saw. Plus, Happy’s apparent relationship with Aunt May has so much potential for hilarity.

3. Hoping: Iron Man

It’s time to be honest with ourselves – things aren’t looking good for Tony Stark. He has been such an important figure in Peter’s superhero life thus far that his absence in the trailer was very much noticed. Hopefully, this is just some tricky marketing by Marvel, but it might be time to brace ourselves for the worst.

If Stark is indeed done with the MCU, it would be nice to see one more moment between him and Peter. Even a quick flashback would be a touching send-off to the Avenger that started it all.

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2. Guaranteed: Vulture

Even before it was confirmed that Gyllenhaal was on-board, it was confirmed that Michael Keaton would return as Adrian Toomes/The Vulture. Last we saw, Toomes was in prison thanks to Spider-Man. He’s also one of the few people who knows Spider-Man’s secret identity.

Toomes’ inclusion raises a lot of questions. The mid-credits sequence seemed to suggest he was going to keep Peter’s secret to himself. Could that change? Some are suggesting this could be setting up for the Sinister Six in a future movie. But maybe we'll see Toomes become some sort of ally for Peter.

1. Hoping: Uncle Ben

“With great power comes great responsibility”. Those are the words that have defined Spider-Man as a hero for years. Of course, it was Peter’s Uncle Ben who said those wise words. The MCU has done a great job by not going over that familiar ground again, yet still making Uncle Ben’s presence known. But is it time to bring the character back?

It’s likely that a large part of this movie will focus on Peter dealing with yet another significant loss in his life. It would make sense for him to look back on the first mentor he lost. Again, it would need to be through flashbacks but it could be just the memory Peter needs to save the day yet again.

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