10 Characters we Want to Return to Supernatural Before it Ends

For Supernatural fans, the day we thought would never come is upon us. Stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins recently announced that the upcoming 15th season would be its final one. We knew we couldn't follow Sam and Dean forever, but it kind of felt like that was a possibility.

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In our time traveling with Sam and Dean, we’ve met a lot of people, demons, angels, and monsters. Some good, some bad and some unforgettable. In typical Supernatural fashion, death isn’t necessarily the end, so we can expect to see some fun returns in the final episodes. With that in mind, here are the characters we most want to see come back before the end of Supernatural.

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In the season one episode “Route 666” Dean’s ex-girlfriend Cassie calls him and Sam to help when black men are being mysteriously attacked. Turns out she was the first girl Dean loved, and when he told her about his family’s secret work, she left.

As they solve the case and track the ghost, the duo unravels their unresolved feelings. In the end, their lives are obviously headed in different directions and they part ways. Cassie was a great match for Dean and it would be nice to see them reunite as older, wiser people.


Ash was introduced in season two as one of the hunters who hangs out at Ellen’s bar. He’s a computer genius who actually lives and works there while helping to track monsters and demons. He was one of the many casualties when the Roadhouse was burned down, but meets up with the brothers when they go to Heaven in “Dark Side of the Moon.”

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With Heaven in chaos, Ash seems like the kind of guy who would know how to help out. He always brought a nice dose of comedy to the show and we’d like to see him explore some of those other Heavens he talked about.


As an old friend of Castiel’s, Balthazar wasn’t the typical angel. He fled Heaven in favor of living on Earth like a rock star. He was drawn back into the fight during Cas’ war with Raphael, then tried to stop Cas from going bad. Unfortunately, Castiel punished him for the betrayal.

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With Castiel finding a way out of the void and it chasing him down to get him back, we’ve seen it take on various forms to torture Cas. Seems only fitting that it would tap into our favorite angel’s guilt over destroying one of his closest friends.


We were really excited about the possibility of a spinoff featuring our favorite sheriffs, but it wasn’t meant to be. This season we’ve already had an appearance from Donna, and we have no doubt Jody will show up again, but we want to see all of them together, working with the boys.

Frankly, Sam, Dean, Cas, and Jack could do with a little normal family time. A huge case, that makes for some unexpected partnerships would be an amazing way to say goodbye to the Wayward Sisters. Add in Rowena and it would be a classic.


Over the course of eight seasons, Meg went from hated enemy to reluctant ally. She even had an almost-romance with Castiel. The last time we saw her she was in a fight with Crowley where she seemingly lost. However, we never really saw her destroyed for sure, so it’s possible she could just be out there laying low in a new body.

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She went into that fight to defend the boys, especially Castiel, giving her some redemption. She was just such a great frenemy to Sam and Dean that we really want to see her back in their lives. Plus, there’s still no one leading Hell, which means there’s a job opening.


When season 13 gave us the return of Archangel/trickster Gabriel, fans rejoiced. He was one of the most popular recurring thorns in the brothers’ side. After running away for a bit, he finally committed to helping the guys with Lucifer.

Sadly, his trip to the apocalypse world didn’t have a happy ending and the whole story left a bad taste with fans. As a trickster, Gabriel has a built-in get out of jail plot, so they can easily find a way to bring him back for one last crazy episode.


The Winchesters are sort of a big deal, so they have a lot of hunter friends. Though, only a few have been close enough to be called family. Rufus Turner was Bobby’s best friend, which made him important to Sam and Dean.

He was lost on the job when Bobby was possessed by a monster, causing Bobby to struggle with guilt until his demise. The amazing Steven Williams has returned in flashbacks and trips to the afterlife, and we’d like one more visit with one of the show’s best hunters.


Chuck has been one of Supernatural’s funniest characters since his debut. The season 11 reveal that he was actually God only made him more captivating. Rob Benedict has always portrayed him as hilariously normal and somewhat exhausted with all this angels and demon stuff.

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Since he rode off into the sunset with his sister, Chuck has been surprisingly silent on everything that’s gone down. At the very least, you’d think he’d want to meet his grandson Jack. With Jack beginning to struggle with his powers, this is the perfect time for him to offer some guidance.


It’s the biggest plot hole in Supernatural lore. In season four, the boys discovered they had a half brother. Regrettably, they weren’t able to stop him from being taken out by ghouls. This led to him being used as Michael’s vessel in the fight against Lucifer.

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When Sam jumped into the hole, he dragged Michael, and unfortunately Adam, into the cage with him. It’s been a running question/joke among fans of when or if they will ever address their brother being trapped in Hell all this time.


Through all their battles with Lucifer, Michael, Azazel, Lilith, Dick Roman, and Abbadon, no one has been a better foe to the Winchesters than Crowley.  Mostly they fought, but every once in a while they’d end up on the same side, and reluctantly become allies. These moments always provided the best laughs.

We miss Mark Sheppard’s charming brand of evil. Yes, he was a ruthless demon who would do anything to get what he wanted, but he was just so much fun to watch, we found ourselves occasionally rooting for him. There’s no way we can say a proper goodbye without him.

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