X-Men: Apocalypse's Nicholas Hoult talks Beast

The X-Men's renowned leader in biochemistry and genetics, Beast will transition from the sidekick character of the previous two installments to a voice of reason among the younger mutants in Apocalypse. While Xavier is tasked with preventing another catastrophe, Hank McCoy becomes more of a parental figure to the

younger inhabitants of the X-Mansion. It's this softer side of McCoy which could lead to his demise. The true threat to Beast's future comes with his romantic entanglement with Mystique, which is said to be explored further in the film. If Jennifer Lawrence's intentions of leaving the franchise are any indicator, these two love birds could check out together.

Nicholas Hoult has expressed interest in returning as Beast in the future, though his spike in popularity may prevent him from signing another multi-movie contract. All things considered, the blue-furried mutant is alive and well in the alternate time line at the end of Days of Future Past, but director Bryan Singer has said that nothing is set in stone for anyone. The door of opportunity is open for Beast to continue his story, but he could still be gone before the credits roll.

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