10 Characters We Could Lose In Crisis On Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths is the Arrowverse's next big crossover. Reportedly taking place over five hours and capping off the Arrow series, it will serve as a final act for much of the Arrowverse in the same way that Avengers: Endgame capped off the MCU. There have been numerous hints and teases to Crisis in each Arrowverse show, leading us to believe that it will have major consequences for our heroes.

With heroes from alternate realities coming together to take on the Anti-Monitor, it's possible that we could lose several of them along the way. Here are 10 heroes we could lose in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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Arrow Season 6 Finale Stephen Amell As Green Arrow Oliver Queen Life Sentence
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Arrow Season 6 Finale Stephen Amell As Green Arrow Oliver Queen Life Sentence

Green Arrow was the character who started it all. He's the one that's been around the longest, and he's the one who's show is ending. It would make sense for him to exit the Arrowverse by sacrificing himself for the entire Multiverse. The seventh season of Arrow ended by Ollie traveling with the Monitor to help out with a crisis in the future. Couple that with teases to his death in the show, and all signs seem to point to him giving his life, thus ending his journey to save Star City. At the very least, he got to have his happy ending for a while.


Ever since the first season of The Flash, we've always wondered about that mysterious newspaper. "Flash missing, vanishes in crisis" has haunted the Scarlet Speedster since he first gained his powers, and it we'll likely see what happens in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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In the comics, the Flash runs so fast during that event that he essentially disintegrates into the Speed Force to become the lightning that gave him powers in the first place. Considering the newspaper and the comic relation, it wouldn't be far off to suggest that we could lose Barry at the end, making his story come full circle.


In the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" comic, there were many major deaths that would go on to shake up the comic world. Among them was Supergirl's death, which led to an iconic panel of Superman holding her cousin in his arms. While that image has already been referenced by Supergirl, it's possible that it was just a tease at what her fate would be in the crossover event. Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Flash are essentially the trinity of the Arrowverse, and any one of them could lose their lives to save the Multiverse. Supergirl is the least likely of the three, though, considering that her death would essentially end her show.


Constantine was the character given a second chance by the Arrowverse. After his own show was canceled, he had an introductory appearance on Arrow before joining Legends of Tomorrow as a cast member. Constantine brings the supernatural side of the Arrowverse to the forefront, enacting spells that contain magical creatures and siphon people to Hell. It's likely that his skillset will prove very useful in Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, Constantine is a person that the demons of Hell want to bring down at all costs. John could finally make his way to Hell, but in exchange for a way to save the Multiverse.


Sara Lance has already died a few times, but it might be high time for the captain's chair to be handed off to someone else. While it would seem familiar to have her lose her life in Crisis on Infinite Earths, it would have to stick this time around. She spent a lot of time building up the Legends of Tomorrow as a competent team, and her arc seems to be coming to a close. She was another character who helped start the Arrowverse, so Crisis on Infinite Earths could give her a time to shine alongside Oliver Queen. The two started their journey together, so it's only fitting that they would end it together.


Citizen Steel Legends of Tomorrow

Nate Heywood is one of the newer members of the Legends of Tomorrow. However, he's gone through a bit of a rough patch in his tenure with the team. With his first love going away and his second love now lost because of a timeline change, he's going to be in a rough spot going forward. When joining with the rest of the heroes for Crisis on Infinite Earths, Heywood might see nothing left to live for and willingly give his life for the team that he so desperately loves. Alternate realities could bring back a variant of one of his previous girlfriends, which would give him motivation to sacrifice himself.


John Diggle is the loyal friend of Oliver Queen and has been since the very beginning. Starting out as Oliver's bodyguard, things changed when he discovered his identity as the Hood. However, John was willing to join Oliver's crusade to protect Star City, becoming a valuable asset to the team. Diggle has managed to start his own family, take over Oliver's position, and more. While we don't think that Diggle would lose his life if Oliver did (as it might be a bit too much to focus on), it wouldn't be totally out of the realm of possibility. It could also give time for a Green Lantern John Diggle to take the spotlight.


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Superman exists in the Arrowverse, but as a supporting character in Supergirl. He's been integrated with the Arrowverse heroes before, and the team is going to need him again in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Instead of going for the comic moment where Supergirl dies, Crisis on Infinite Earths could switch things around and have Superman be the one to lose his life.

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Supergirl has already shown that it's willing to use iconic Superman villains but not necessarily with Superman attached to them. As such, the show and world could easily exist without the Man of Steel, giving Kara a greater motive to do better.


Arrow Ray Palmer

The Atom is one of the oldest members of the Legends of Tomorrow, first entering the Arrowverse in Arrow's third season. He hasn't had much of an arc in the show, with most of his development already finished. As such, he doesn't offer that much to the team as a whole, which could lead to him getting the axe in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Ray Palmer always wanted his life to mean something, so putting his life on the line for the Multiverse would likely be a fitting way to go down in his mind. It would shake up the Legends' dynamic going forward too.


Arrow "Deathstroke"

Deathstroke may be getting his own animated series, but that's not to say that he's completely off the cutting room floor. After a long absence from the Arrowverse, Deathstroke got his own redemption in seasons five and six while still keeping the spirit of the character intact. He's been in the Arrowverse since Lian Yu, just like Oliver Queen. With that show ending, it might be high time to end that character as well, tying up that loose end so we're not wondering where he'll go after that. The animated series would still have plenty of material to use, as we only get a glimpse of Deathstroke's life.

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