Icy Dead People: All The Characters Who Were Killed By White Walkers in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones White Walker

Westeros is not a place you would want to be in. It's not your typical medieval fantasy universe where plot armor is so thick and apparent (at least in the first four seasons) and people die there for the most minuscule of reasons. If it's not politics or poverty that will kill you, it's probably the White Walkers or their wight minions. Even the most likable characters are not safe from them.

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Given how the White Walkers are on an apocalyptic genocidal rampage, some of their victims ought to be significant characters in the show. Still, you would be surprised at how few of these characters actually died at the hands of White Walkers or their wights. Here are 12 of them, proving once and for all that the game of thrones is still deadlier than some breezy heavy metal necromancers.

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Jojen Reed (if some of you still remember him) was the first significant or major character in Game of Thrones that got killed by White Walkers, or more specifically, their wights. Thankfully his death wasn't in vain unlike most Nights Watch rangers; he did it so that Bran could fulfill his "destiny."

It also seems that Jojen knew how and when he was going to die and accepted it (especially in the books). It's a shame that his death was a lot less dramatic or prophetic when compared to the source material.


Whoever-- or whatever the Three-Eyed Raven is, it seems it can be killed. At the very least, it seems its mortal vessel can die, which is now currently Bran. Prior to Bran, of course, it was an oddly clean-shaven old man living in some cave in the middle of nowhere.

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After he taught Bran how to properly use greensight dreaming, he perished under the Night King's hands. His manner of death was never shown though. Hence, it's not really clear who exactly the Night King killed.


Summer (Bran's dire wolf) actually had a bigger role in the Three-eyed Raven's destiny. He was the one who saved Bran from the assassin sent by Peter Baelish in order to frame the Lannisters. Moreover, the good boy has always been at Bran's side as his protector and pet.

It's just that both George R.R. Martin and the writers of the TV adaptation love to twist the knife. So, they had Summer killed in a painful manner: by getting hundreds of stabs while surrounded by a wight huddle. Ouch. If there's any consolation to his death, at least he didn't get turned to a wight. Rest in peace, good boy.


Leaf, despite being a non-human, is not exempt from the Night King's genocide. She is the most notable member of the Children of the Forest race; they were also responsible for the creation of the White Walkers. As such, one can argue that it was Leaf and her kin who brought death upon themselves.

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Still, Leaf did not go down without a fight. Her death was instrumental to Bran's safety; she sacrificed herself so that Bran, Meera, and Hodor could get away safely. Sadly, Leaf and the other Children of the Forest who were killed by White Walkers and wights in the Three-eyed Raven's cave were the last of their kind.


Jojen or Summer's death wasn't the heaviest dealt by the White Walkers, of course. It was Hodor's. The oaf and innocent but likable half-giant who took care of Bran was a fan favorite for his simple vocabulary. Hodor didn't even have to have a backstory or the origin of his name for people to like him.

However, the showrunners still revealed it... right before he died, brutally and heroically. Before the Night King's minions dealt the final blow against Hodor, it was the Three-eyed Raven/Bran who ruined his life by warging into Hodor's younger self (named Wylis) in the past. This damaged Hodor's mind and made his death all the more tragic.


An expedition beyond the Wall is actually worse than being sent to the Wall. Of course, Jon Snow, knowing nothing, needed help in capturing and hauling a wight to serve as proof that the Night King exists (so that Cersei can ignore the facts).

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Unfortunately, the said expedition came at the cost of several Night's Watch rangers and Thoros of Myr, Beric Dondarrion's priest. To us, Thoros might be an eccentric party cleric, but he's actually Beric's secret weapon. Beric owes his many lives thanks to Thoros, but then the Night King happened, so there goes his immortality.


Here we go again, one devastating death after another all due to Jon's suicide squad expedition. Daenerys had to come and rescue Jon from (his second) certain death but the cost was one of her dragons, Viserion. Viserion was also killed by the Night King nonetheless and killing a dragon is no easy feat (until Season 8).

It wasn't just Viserion's death that was costly, however. It was also his undeath. The Night King resurrecting him as his own pet and mount zombie dragon was both cool and frightening at the same time. Daenerys basically just gave the Night King a superweapon.


Surviving the Wall, or much less beyond is by no means a walk in the park. Even Jon Snow died (but came back) during his tenure at the wall. Come Season 8, Jon only had a two of his original Wall buddies left, which is Eddison Tollett and Samwell Tarly. Now, it's just down to Samwell since Edd sacrificed himself to ensure Sam's safety.

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He lived a good life, though (sort of). Edd, despite being a member of a lesser branch of House Tollett, essentially had a peasant's life due to his lesser noble status. Even so, he went on to become the Lord Commander of Night's Watch-- a fitting title because his brothers in black all liked him for his loyalty and pessimistic outlook, always complaining that his death is just around the corner. Seems it really was this time.


Beric's death at the hands of the White Walkers' wights is now his final. He no longer has his Thoros of Myr and no longer has a chance for resurrection, regrettably. Arguably, Beric's permanent death was long overdue and no one in Westeros should be spared the fate that other more important characters experienced.

It seems the blatantly selective Lord of Light finally felt satisfied this time with Beric's fulfillment of his purpose. That or Thoros just died so the secret of his religious plot armor was lost, regardless of what the Lord of Light wants. It's a shame, they could have been an unstoppable duo.


The bravest hearts in Westeros don't always belong to the biggest men. Sometimes they belong to a snarky girl named Lyanna Mormont. Any other kid would have shied away from such a lordly duty but Lyanna was someone worthy of her house's name and sigil. She died defeating a giant wight in the battle of Winterfell.

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What's even more tragic is the fact that it's not just Lyanna who died. It's also her whole house. She's the last of her name since Jorah Mormont was exiled and no other direct heir was available.


Even if he survived, Jorah still wouldn't be able to maintain House Mormont (even if pardoned out of his exile too). That's because he probably cannot love any other woman than his one and only Khaleesi. Though Jorah's, uhh, love for Daenerys can sometimes induce full cringe, we can still sympathize with his character.

While he did die, his love for his queen remains undying. It's too bad the only kiss he got from Daenerys was on his forehead... while he was already dead. He remained a friend until the end, though a faithful and hopelessly romantic one at that.


The final person to die while fighting the Night King was someone who also bore a heavy burden on his heart. Theon Greyjoy was by no means a perfect son or man. He betrayed the very family who raised him and adopted him as one of their own. He also killed those who also knew and cared for him while he was just a boy.

Theon did get his retribution and punishment for such a betrayal, more than one even. He was one of the many who unquestioningly laid down their life for the Three-eyed Raven. Theon's redemption was nothing short of inspiring and worthy of a heroic mention in the annals of Westeros.

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