5 Characters We Hope To See In The Charmed Reboot (& 5 Who Can Stay Away)

Charmed centered on a trio of sisters with magical powers destined to save the world. The Halliwell sisters were witches who found themselves thrust into their destiny without knowing anything about it. Likewise, the 2019 reboot did the same for the Vega sisters. Macy, Mel, and Maggie followed in the footsteps of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe for a new generation.

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The reboot series took a very different path than the original. While some characters are clearly inspired by the original series, and there are characters that would be a good fit for the new series, there are also plenty of characters fans don’t need to see again.

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Grams And Phoebe In Charmed
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10 Hope To See: Penny Halliwell

Grams And Phoebe In Charmed

In the original Charmed, Penny Halliwell was the grandmother to the titular trio of witches, and she raised them after their mother’s passing. The new generation of Charmed didn’t go the same routeor include Halliwells—but a similar character could emerge.

Macey, Mel, and Maggie inherited their magic from their mother. It stands to reason she learned about magic from one of her parents. Meeting the people responsible for raising Marisol would give the audience a Penny-like character and deepen their understanding of the family.

9 Stay Away: Belthazor

Belthazor Was The Demonic Half Of Cole In Charmed

When Phoebe Halliwell dated Cole Turner, it turned out he wasn’t entirely human. There was a whole other side of him in the demon Belthazor. Belthazor gradually took over Cole, performing more evil feats.

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The new series doesn’t need that separation of entities. It’s already established that a human with demon ancestry has a dark side, but not that they are two entirely different people. With both Macy and Parker as human beings with demon blood, adding someone like Belthazor to the mix would be completely unnecessary.

8 Hope To See: The Mermaids

Charmed Introduced Mermaids To The Series With Jaime Pressley

Mermaid scales aren’t just for kitschy beach decor. There’s been a resurgence in interest in mermaids in pop culture lately. Freeform’s Siren put a new spin on mermaid mythology.

When the Halliwell sisters encountered mermaids, Phoebe actually transformed into one because of her lonely heart. The series used the idea of mermaids to tell complicated love stories that weren’t exactly in line with the Disney version. The Charmed reboot recently gave new layers to the story of Medusa as well. It could do the same for mermaids without relying on a witch with a broken heart in its new spin.

7 Stay Away: Gideon

Gideon Led Magic School On Charmed

Though most witches in the Charmed universe learned their craft from family members, a magical school did exist. Gideon was its headmaster, and he’d likely been headmaster since the destruction of Atlantis.

While the idea of a magical school was interesting, it was only introduced to the series after the success of the Harry Potter franchise on the big screen. Gideon wasn’t just headmaster, but also a manipulative Elder who sought to destroy a powerful child. The new series has no need for a character like Gideon or a school of magic, for that matter.

6 Hope To See: The Seer

Phoebe And The Seer Both Had The Gift Of Prophecy In Charmed

If there’s one thing missing from the reboot, it’s the gift of prophecy. Marisol had it, but she didn’t pass the ability on to any of her daughters, unlike Phoebe’s gift in the original series. The original series also had a recurring character called The Seer who was all about the future.

Though The Seer resided in the Underworld and helped the Source, she wasn’t inherently evil. She simply told the demons around her what she saw. A prophetic character introduced to the new series, one that could stick around for a while, could prove an interesting addition.

5 Stay Away: Billie

Kaley Cuoco As Billie In Charmed

In one of her early roles, Kaley Cuoco played Billie, a young witch on the search for her missing sister. Not only did she become an ally of the Charmed ones, but she also lived with them and trained under them for a while.

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The series could possibly eventually benefit from a character like Billie. Right now, it’s too soon. Macy, Mel, and Maggie haven’t begun to scratch the surface of their abilities or the politics of the magical community. They don’t need a protégé to follow them around on top of following their own learning curve.

4 Hope To See: Melinda Warren

Melinda Warren In The Charmed Book Of Shadows

The Halliwell sisters were the most recent women of the Warren line. As far as they could trace back, Melinda Warren was the first witch amongst their ancestors.

Fans don’t know much about the family history of the Vega sisters in the reboot. If the series wanted to flesh out their backstory, the trio could learn more about the magic of their mother’s family, giving the audience a look at their version of Melinda Warren. The audience did already learn that Melinda Warren exists in the reboot, too. She shows up on a page of the Book of Shadows.

3 Stay Away: The Succubus

TheSuccubus Was A Former Witch In Charmed

One of the early villains in the original series was a former witch who became a demon. Darla made a “pact with darkness” in order to gain more power. To do that, she gave up all human emotions and lived on testosterone she obtained from seducing men.

The idea of the succubus has long been a trope in fantasy stories, and Charmed could potentially put a unique spin on it. It really doesn’t need to. Pitting women against other women didn’t work well for the show in the first season when Macy suspected Galvin’s new girlfriend of being a demon, after all.

2 Hope To See: Coop

Phoebe Married A Cupid Named Coop In Charmed

Plenty of original series fans hoped Phoebe would end up with Cole. Instead, she ended up with someone else with a magical background. Phoebe married Coop, so named because he was actually a matchmaking agent of Cupid.

While one of the sisters wouldn’t need to find love with an actual Cupid this time around, exploring the idea of love and its relation to magic could make for an interesting arc for the series. The show has already introduced magical creatures like fairies, so mythological creatures like Cupid are a natural addition.

1 Stay Away: The Ice Cream Man

Prue And Her Father With The Ice Cream Man In Charmed

One of the strangest stories in the early seasons of Charmed involved a character called The Ice Cream Man. Prue reconnected with her father when she tried to stop a man driving an ice cream truck from abducting children.

As it turned out, the Ice Cream Man was one of the good guys, and the children he took were demonic in origin. The new series has already established that demon blood does not make a person inherently evil, so a man abducting kids wouldn’t really work out as a good guy in the new incarnation.

Who do you want to see on the series when Charmed returns for season two?

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