Awesome New Character Shots For X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Marvel put up some new character shots yesterday for X-Men Origins: Wolverine so I collected them (along with some from last week) for you to check out.

You may recognize some of the pictures as a few of these were used as background images on the official X-Men Origins: Wolverine site – The same site where we got our first sample of Gambit speaking.

The best part about the images is that we get two of Gambit – probably because he’s amazing. We also get one of each other major character except for the Blob. That means no Cyclops, Emma Frost or Beak pictures. Speaking of which, we’ve not seen one thing of Beak at all – I wonder how the character will look in the film. Beak (aka. Barnell Bohusk) is played by Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lord of the Rings).

I don’t know about you folks, but I can’t wait for this flick!

Check out the images and see what you think:

(Click here for high-res versions of the first three images and here for last six images)

The massive cast for this Wolverine movie includes Hugh Jackman, Live Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, Lynn Collins, Danny Huston, Daniel Henney, Taylor Kitsch, Kevin Durand, Tim Pocock, Tahyna Tozzi, Scott Adkins and Will.i.Am.

Don’t forget to check out our discussion on what we know so far about Fox’s treatment of the characters included in this Wolverine story.

What do you think of the characters and their respective pics?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine finally debuts May 1, 2009 and you know I’ll be there.

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