Character Posters For Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince is a film that is definitely on a lot of people's Summer radar, and after seeing the full trailer and the international trailer I can say that I will definitely be checking it out as well.

By now you should know that along with any Harry Potter film release comes a slew of promotional media: pics, vids, and of course, posters. Today we've got some promo posters for Half-Blood Prince, a four-piece spread of the film's dramatis personœ looking all ready for some serious wizard-on-wizard action. Wow, that sounds SO wrong.

On to the posters!

Harry and Dumbledore face a rising tide.

Hermione and Prof. Slughorn brave the snowy dark.

Malfoy and Snape lurk in mist and shadow.

Ron flies high through clouded skies.

All four posters in one.

It's cool how the posters all depict some kind of stormy weather; it let's you know that the happy-go-lucky days are truly over for Harry and Co. It's also cool how everyone in the posters is looking off-panel at something epically frightening. It's like you know Voldemort is just one step away, even if you can't see him yet.

Great concept for a set of posters. How did you like them?

[UPDATE]: Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince is slated to hit theaters on July 15, 2009.

Source: Slash Film & Geeks of Doom

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