Images of Main Characters & Bending Powers in The Last Airbender

[UPDATE: All the images have been pulled at the request of Paramount]

In May, we got our first look at two of the main characters in M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming epic, The Last Airbender. They featured Dev Patel and young Noah Ringer in full costume as Prince Zuko and Aang respectively.

Adding to that, today we have for you some character portraits that reveal some of the other key characters you may have been wondering about: Sokka & Katara. We also have some first-looks at all four bending powers in action.

Katara is a waterbender and brother of Sokka who doesn't have any powers himself, but acts as the comic relief and heart of the adventurers becoming a brave warrior and strategist as the story unfolds. The pair join Aang and help him on his journey of becoming the Avatar.

Check out the following picture which reveals characters using all four forms of bending: air, water, fire and earth:


The special effects should look amazing in the movie and I can't way to see the four types of bending on screen.

That’s not all! Pages 2 & 3 have the four new character images.

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