It Chapter Two Easter Eggs: 10 Subtle Details You Probably Missed

It: Chapter Two is the sequel to the highly successful 2017 film, It, which is the highest-grossing horror film of all time. The first film was something lots of people loved, and the second one is just as awesome.

It can be hard for one to understand the significance of everything in It: Chapter Two unless they have watched it a couple of times because there are a lot of really cool things that are easy to miss since there’s usually something more important happening in the scene. Here are some of the interesting details fans missed in It: Chapter Two.

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10 Someone From The Miniseries Has A Cameo You Probably Missed

Actor Brandon Crane appeared in the It miniseries, as well as It: Chapter Two. In the miniseries, Crane played the young version of Ben Hanscom, so it only seems fitting that he would have something to do with Ben in this movie.

When the adult version of Ben is introduced in It: Chapter Two, the camera first focuses on Brandon, since he is giving a presentation in front of a few other people. He plays one of Ben’s employees.

Ben himself, who is played by actor Jay Ryan, can be seen attending the meeting through a video conference. This doesn’t have much significance, but it’s a nice treat for those who are fans of the miniseries, as well as the movies.

9 There Is A Turtle

In this movie, there is a fake turtle that can be seen when Ben is trying to find his token in order to help the rest of the Loser’s Club defeat Pennywise. To those who have not read the book, this is not a big deal. But fans of the book know that this is a reference to Maturin, who is an intergalactic turtle.

In the book, Maturin helps them defeat the evil clown. This character was taken out of the story when the movies were being written, but there are some references to it in both films. When Ben pays a visit to his old school, a model of a turtle can be seen in the background for a short time.

8 Henry Makes A Reference To Another Stephen King Classic

Huge fans of author Stephen King will likely be excited to find out that there is a reference to The Shining in It: Chapter Two. This one of those things that audience members will certainly miss if they do not pay close attention.

During the scene in which Beverly Marsh is reliving one of her worst memories, which takes place in a bathroom stall at school, many of the people who harmed her start to appear, and they are trying to get into the stall. One of those people is Henry Bowers, appears, and he says “here’s Johnny!

7 Eddie Married A Woman Just Like His Mother

Eddie Kaspbrak couldn’t find the courage to break away from his mother, so when he grew up, he found someone just like her. This is one of the more obvious Easter eggs in the movie, but something that should definitely be mentioned is the fact that he is not the only one who married someone who is very similar to their parent.

When the movie introduced the adult version of Beverly, it becomes pretty clear that she married someone who is a lot like her father. It seems that both characters were so used to be treated poorly by their parents that they managed to find partners that would treat them the same way.

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6 There Is A Reference To Another Famous Author

In It: Chapter Two, there is a character that is a reference to author Dean Koontz. Koontz and King are both writers, and they both write horror books, so it is kind of expected that they might reference one another from time to time.

In the book, there is a character named John Koontz, and he works at Juniper Hill Asylum, which is where he keeps an eye on Henry. This little Easter egg was not very obvious in the film. Those who want to watch the movie again to figure out exactly who this character is should keep an eye out for the character who is seen watching a video of a dog on his cell phone.

5 Betty Appears Again

One of Pennywises’ victims, Betty Ripsom, actually appears in It and It: Chapter Two. In the first film, two of the kids in the Loser’s Club run into Betty when they are at the house on Neibolt Street. In that scene, they are faced with three doors, and each of them has a label.

One of them is labelled as “not scary at all,” while the other two are labelled as “scary” and “very scary.” They open one of them, and see the upper half of Betty’s body. The same thing happens in the second movie, but this time they see the lower half of her body.

4 There’s A Reference To A Missing Shoe

In It: Chapter Two, there is a line that references a shoe that was found in the first film. In It, the members of the Loser’s Club manage to find a shoe that belonged to Betty Ripsom. This happens before anyone sees her body, so no one really knew what happened to her at that point in the movie.

In the sequel, when two of the Loser’s Club members run into the labelled doors for the second time, they have a hard time choosing which one to open. When they do pick one and open it, they hear Betty’s voice asking where her shoe is.

3 A Familiar Line Is Spoken When Beverly And Ben Meet Again

When the adult versions of Ben and Beverly meet up with one another before they meet the rest of their friends, Ben repeats a line that was said in the first movie. In It, when Beverly is trying to leave school, Ben is in front of her, and she sarcastically asks him if she needs a password to get where she wants to go.

In the sequel, the two of them are standing outside of a Chinese restaurant, and Ben is behind Beverly, so she has not seen him yet. He repeats the line that she said to him in the previous movie.

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2 Gazebos Are Mentioned Again

In It: Chapter Two, Pennywise referenced a line about gazebos from the first movie. In It, Eddie’s mother makes him think he is taking lots of pills because he needs them. But later in the movie, he finds out that she has been giving him placebo pills to ensure that he always needs her.

When Eddie gets upset with his mother after he finds out about this, he mistakenly calls the pills something else instead of placebos. Near the end of the sequel, when it is revealed that the ritual the group performed did not work, Pennywise jokingly says “what was it? Gazebos?

1 New Kids On The Block

There is a barely noticeable nod to the band New Kids On The Block in the terrifying sequel to It. In the first film, one of the running jokes is the fact that Ben is a huge fan of this band, so of course that means the filmmakers had to throw out a reference to them in the sequel as well.

When Ben visits the school that he and the rest of the Loser’s Club used to go to, he runs into Pennywise. During this scene, he runs into his old locker, which must have been a really big one, considering the fact that there is so much room in it that he actually has space to move around in. There is a poster behind him, and the face that can be seen on it belongs to Danny Wood, who was a member of New Kids On The Block.

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