IT Chapter 2 Characters And Their D&D Classes

After a two year wait, the conclusion to Andy Muschietti's smash hit adaptation of Stephen King's IT has finally been released in theaters. And this sprawling, epic horror film (and we mean seriously sprawling, the film clocks in at almost three hours long) is a fantastic adaptation of the source material as well as a wonderful conclusion to a really great horror duology.

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The Losers Club finds themselves reunited after a 27 year absence from Derry, and they need to finish what they started when they squared off against Pennywise the clown as kids. Although they're just a group of humans going up against some kind of ancient demon, this squad has all of the necessary skills to survive and even beat this thing. And of course, everyone in the Losers Club brings something different to the table. So, if all of the major characters in IT Chapter Two were classified into Dungeons & Dragons character classes, this is where they'd all be.

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10 Adrian - Fighter

Adrian's appearance in IT Chapter Two was relatively brief, but he certainly managed to make a significant impression straight off the bat. He wasn't familiar with the oppressive and violent culture that has become the norm in Derry, but he wasn't willing to kowtow to it either, even if it meant being threatened and physically harmed. And even when Adrian had been beaten within an inch of his life, he wasn't willing to back down from those who unjustly attacked him, which makes him a true Dungeons & Dragons fighter class at heart. It's a shame it didn't serve him better.

9 Henry Bowers - Barbarian

Even as a child, Henry Bowers was someone who could seemingly only express his emotions through violence and who didn't appear to have a care in the world beyond what sort of psychological or physical pain he could inflict on others. It's possible that Pennywise was making his true nature even more extreme, but the years have not been kind to Henry.

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Even though Pennywise was gone, it seems that Henry only grew more brutal and deranged during his time in the mental institution. Henry Bowers has always been a barbarian in the D&D classes, violence and anger are the only thing that seem to matter to him.

8 Mike Hanlon - Monk

After the Losers Club beat back Pennywise it seems like they couldn't get far away enough from Derry and what happened, but Mike Hanlon went in the complete opposite direction. While the rest of the Losers forgot about their terrifying childhood, Mike devoted his entire life to understanding what Pennywise really was and how they could defeat him for good if he ever returned. In the Dungeons & Dragons classes Mike was a monk, and the destruction of Pennywise was his religion. He spent his life preparing for his crusade against this monster, and he ensured that every one of the Losers Club was there to help him.

7 Ben Hascom - Rogue

Most of the adults in the Losers Club went on to some significant professional success if not personal success, but it seems like Ben Hanscom was the most matured and well adjusted out of the pack of them. And he brings his considerable variety of skills to the table when it comes time to defeat Pennywise once and for all. Ben is kind, tough, strong, and intelligent, and although the situation that the entire squad faces is absolutely terrifying Ben doesn't waver or back down at all. It is for all of these reasons that Ben Hanscom seems like a perfect rogue class.

6 Stanley Uris - Cleric

Mild spoiler alert to anyone who hasn't yet seen IT Chapter Two, but Stanley Uris' contributions to the fight against Pennywise 27 years after the Losers Club originally faced off with him are very few. Everyone in the group has their own reactions to what they have to do, but Stanley's is clearly the worst.

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He wasn't cut out to go to war against some ancient demonic entity, and he knew it. But he also had an instinctive understanding of what needed to be done in order for the Losers to be successful, and he knew that the team being united was essential to their survival, which is why he seems like the cleric of the group.

5 Eddie Kaspbrak - Sorcerer

Eddie Kaspbrak always seemed like the most unlikely candidate to believe in his own magical power and to make that magical power mean something, but he really came through for the Losers in the end. Eddie was always crippled by fear and by the belief in his own weakness, but once he realized that his powers could even match something like Pennywise he helped the Losers Club defeat It once and for all. And in the D&D character classes, the sorcerer is the class where their magical abilities are innate instead of taught, so that seems like a perfect match for Eddie.

4 Richie Tozier - Bard

With a nickname like Trash Mouth Tozier it's a pretty obvious that Richie couldn't be anything besides the bard. The bard is a very versatile character class that is skilled in fighting as well as magic, and the bard has a good sense of how to improvise and come up with a good offense and defense on the fly. But one of the things that distinguishes the bard from all other Dungeons & Dragons classes is that they have the gift of gab. Clearly Richie has that in spades, he always knows how to say exactly the right or exactly the wrong thing.

3 Bill Denbrough - Paladin

James McAvoy as Bill in IT Chapter 2

Although everyone in the Losers Club had their own reasons to go after Pennywise, Bill is really at the heart of why this group of friends sought out this monster in the first place.

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The other kids may have been able to let it go if it weren't for Bill, but the loss of Georgie is what has fueled Bill's desire to destroy Pennywise from the very start. Bill is one of the best fighters in the group, but even more than that, Bill is a crusader. That is why Bill is the paladin of the group, because this battle is almost a holy war to him.

2 Beverly Marsh - Druid

Beverly Marsh has always been the type of the girl who is at the front lines of every fight, which is one of the big reasons why she was the member of the Losers Club that wound up in the clutches of It when they were all still children. And it's clear in IT Chapter Two that her experience while under Pennywise's thrall has changed her in a fundamental and mystical way. She is connected to the Losers Club and to the world in a magical way, which makes her the druid of the Losers Club. Her nature magic is one of the most important tools in the fight against It.

1 Pennywise - Warlock

Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise in IT Chapter Two

Pennywise the dancing clown is just the disguise that whatever this evil entity is likes to wear more than anything else. The titular It is some kind of ancient dark magic, which is pretty literally what the warlock class is in Dungeons & Dragons. The power of a warlock seems to be limitless, but it can only be achieved through some kind of pact with the forces of evil in the universe. Pennywise is a trickster who can make people believe whatever nightmare he pulls them in to, and his evil is so great that it permanently changes those who encounter him.

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