'Chappie' Trailer #2: A Robot's Life From Child to Hero

Chappie Trailer #2 (movie 2015)



Chappie is the new film from District 9 and Elysium director Neil Blomkamp, and it fits in perfectly as a thematic sequel to his previous feature films, using the terrain and culture of his South Africa homeland as allegorical subtext to sci-fi parables brought to life through the filmmaker's signature visual effects palette.

Pulling back from the larger political themes of ElysiumChappie focuses on a future where robot police enforce law. One of the new units is stolen by some local criminals and begins a unique life learning on his own - a life that makes him a threat to forces (Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman) who don't want A.I. entities usurping humanity.

Chappie Trailer #2 (movie 2015)

Chappie was one of our most anticipated movies of 2015, but some people had reservations about the first trailer, which spun the film as more of an inspirational tale about a childlike robot. If you fell into that camp, then this second trailer should be more to your liking.

Chappie will be in theaters on March 6, 2015.

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