Chaos Walking Movie Starts Filming This Summer

Studios remain big on adapting young adult novels for the big screen, and now Chaos Walking is moving forward with a summer start date. Franchises like Harry PotterTwilightThe Hunger GamesDivergent, and Maze Runner have continued to keep this genre of film afloat in recent years, and in every instance the key to success can largely be attributed to the talent attached. In Chaos Walking, women have all but been wiped from existence, until one day a mysterious girl appears. Star Wars's Daisy Ridley will play the female lead and be sharing the screen with the newest Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland.

Both Ridley and Holland are among the prime examples of break-out stars in recent years, thanks to their prominent roles in major franchises. Now, they will be given the chance to take on an unknown property and have Doug Liman lead the way as director. There have not been any major updates on the project since Ridley and Holland's involvement was reported, but Chaos Walking is now progressing towards production this summer with a fresh script in tow.

Patrick Ness is the author of the original Chaos Walking book series and he took to Twitter to announce that the live-action movie adaptation begins filming this summer. He went on to link to confirm that he is helping John Lee Hancock (Snow White and the Huntsman) and Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) write the screenplay. It is not an uncommon practice for authors to be involved with movie adaptations; in fact, just last year Ness scripted the film version of another one of his books, A Monster Calls.

With filming set to begin within the next few months, the rest of the pre-production process should begin to pick up soon. Deadline reports that Lionsgate will begin shopping the project for further investors at Cannes Film Festival later this month. Once everything is squared away from a financial standpoint, Chaos Walking should continue to move forward and start filming by the beginning of August, based on Ness' comments.

Now that Chaos Walking is moving forward, its tentative start date offers a better idea of when its stars will begin working on their other upcoming projects. Ridley is confirmed to be reprising her role as Rey in Star Wars: Episode IX, meaning that the next Star Wars movie probably won't begin shooting this summer, as rumored. Holland, by comparison, will be promoting July's Spider-Man: Homecoming next and may have additional filming on Avengers: Infinity War to complete. As for Liman, his involvement means that it's now safe to assume that none of the other projects he is currently attached to (such as Justice League Dark and the Edge of Tomorrow sequel) will be starting production this year.

The studios, agents, and actors have (or quickly will) work out the schedules to make sure Chaos Walking doesn't deter from the future of Star Wars and/or the MCU. After all, the longer Ridley and Holland remain prominent figures in the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood, it will only further boost the interest in their already-intriguing collaborative project.

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Chaos Walking is currently in development and does not have a release date.

Source: Patrick Ness

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