Chaos Walking Movie Adaptation Casts David Oyelowo

British actor David Oyelowo has joined the cast of the forthcoming science fiction adaptation Chaos Walking. Based on the series of books by author Patrick Ness, Chaos Walking is a fantasy dystopian tale set on the colonized planet of New World where the inhabitants are plagued by something called The Noise, a phenomenon that reveals the thoughts of every living being. The story centers around the adventures of Todd, who is targeted after he discovers a silence in The Noise, and the books follow the youngster's adventures on the run with Viola, a young girl who crash-lands on New World.

After first acquiring the rights to Chaos Walking in 2011, Lionsgate is now beginning to make strong progress in the early stages of production, with the cast steadily taking shape. Todd will be played by Tom Holland of Spider-Man: Homecoming fame and fellow protagonist Viola is to be portrayed by Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Mads Mikkelsen (Doctor Strange, Rogue One) finds himself on villain duty as the evil Mayor Prentiss and his son will be played by none other than guitar sensation Nick Jonas. Behind the camera will be director Doug Liman.

According to Deadline, the latest name to be added to that already impressive cast list is David Oyelowo. Perhaps best known for his roles in Selma, Spooks, Nightingale and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Oyelowo will be portraying Aaron in Chaos Walking. As the mad priest of Prentisstown, Aaron regularly finds himself at odds with Todd, hoping the protagonist will stray from his moral path and commit murder in order to elevate the priest to sainthood. He also doesn't like dogs much.


David Oyelowo has a remarkably diverse resume but the young adult, science fiction nature of Chaos Walking is somewhat new territory for the actor. Although he is certainly no stranger to playing antagonists, Oyelowo is arguably primarily recognized for featuring in more reality or factually-based pictures and the fantastical world of Chaos Walking is somewhat of a departure for the actor in this respect.

With that said, Oyelowo has proven credentials as an actor and is renowned for his versatility and his casting only strengthens what is already an A-list group of names. Given that the actor will also be appearing in the new Cloverfield movie (a.k.a. The God Particle), perhaps a shift towards more big-budget, blockbuster-esque fare is on the cards for Oyelowo. Certainly, the Brit is going to be an ever-present face on the big screen over the next few years.

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Source: Deadline

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