'22 Jump Street' Video Interview: Tatum & Hill Talk Comedy Sequels

Many people still have a bad taste from The Hangover 2 in their mouth - a strong reminder that in the land of comedy, second chances are often more damning than rewarding. If something strikes our collective funny bone the right way, it's hard not to want more of it - especially when that something is a refreshing and rewarding movie experience that we didn't really anticipate.

As plainly stated in the 22 Jump Street trailers, Sony's 2012 movie reboot of the 21 Jump Street franchise was not something that anybody expected to do well, initially. Most people snickered at the notion of seeing "Skinny Jonah Hill" and hunk-boy Channing Tatum in a buddy-cop action movie - and admittedly it looked like a long shot, on paper. However, Tatum and Hill proved to be a surprisingly good odd-pair coupling, and with some additional (equally unexpected) comedic talent from director team Chris Miller and Phil Lord (LEGO movie), Jump Street became a hit.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in 22 Jump Street

With 22 Jump Street the stakes are higher because, frankly, the expectations are higher. At this point, Tatum, Hill, Miller and Lord are all well-established talents with many fans at their respective backs, and the pressure to deliver twice - on something nobody expected to work once - is no doubt heavy. However, as you can see in the video above, Tatum and Hill are keeping everything in perspective when it comes to delivering the goods again.

Short answer: Just make fun of your own sequel and you're golden, pony boy.


Real Alumni

In case it was muddled in the banter during the interview: An interesting Easter egg within 22 Jump Street (and there are many) is that Jenko and Schmidt's positions in the collegiate social order mirror the real-life college experiences of Tatum and Hill:

  • Jenko the football star: Tatum attended Glenville State College in West Virginia on a football scholarship, before eventually dropping out.
  • Schmidt the art kid: Hill studied drama at The New School in NYC, a prominent school of the arts that also happens to be the graduate school of Screen Rant editors Ben Kendrick, Ben Moore and Kofi Outlaw!

For more fun breakdowns of other Easter eggs and trivia in the film, keep an eye out for our 22 Jump Street "Spot all the references" challenge later this week!


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22 Jump Street will be in theaters on June 13, 2014.

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