Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill Confirmed For '21 Jump Street'

Forget Danny Glover/Mel Gibson or Martin Lawrence/Will Smith. There's a new Hollywood buddy cop duo on the horizon and it's... Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in the big screen version of 21 Jump Street.

Columbia Pictures has officially confirmed that both Tatum and Hill will be getting up to crime-stopping shenanigans in the TV show-turned-movie, which sadly will not involve Emma Stone (fans take comfort - she's busy prepping for the Spider-Man reboot at the time being).

Pre-Tim Burton Johnny Depp starred in the original television series 21 Jump Street, which revolved around young-looking officers of the law that infiltrated high schools and colleges as part of their crime-busting duties. A 23 year-old Hill successfully passed as the barely-legal Seth in Superbad and put his "youthful" voice to good use as an underage viking in this year's How To Train Your Dragon - the age-defying trick is one that Hill's arguably quite talented at.

Tatum has been a top contender to join 21 Jump Street for over three weeks now and is also known for playing characters beneath his actual age, in flicks like Step Up or Dear John. We'll harbor a guess and say that Tatum will play the straight man of the duo, with Hill being the smart aleck of the pair (and based off their previous performances, we recommend the two not switch those roles around).

Original crew of the show 21 Jump street

21 Jump Street star and co-writer Jonah Hill says he envisions the adaptation as an "R-rated, insane, 'Bad Boys'-meets-John-Hughes-type movie." It's been over two decades since franchises like Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours emerged on the Hollywood scene and gave us just that. With the exception of Michael Bay's Bad Boys, there haven't really been any other successful rules-be-damned onscreen cop duos since then (apologies to Cop Out fans, but... no). Could Tatum and Hill buck that trend?

Phil Lord and Chris Miller - who were previously in contention to helm the big screen version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies - will occupy the directors' chairs on 21 Jump Street. The two were also responsible for the surprisingly popular and generally well-regarded 3D toon Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, so maybe they'll raise eyebrows again and deliver an entertaining '80s show-turned movie.

What do you think? Does 21 Jump Street have potential with Tatum and Hill onboard?

Source: Columbia Pictures

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