Channing Tatum to Voice George Washington in Netflix Animated Film

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There is no doubt that Netflix has a winning formula when it comes to original series; the streaming giant has a slew of award-winning and critically acclaimed shows under its belt. From Orange is the New Black to the Marvel Defenders universe, Netflix is churning out title after title that challenges cable content in terms of quality. Comedy specials and documentaries are also doing well, but now the company is turning its gaze to big movies for the small screen. As well as eyeing Scott Stuber to head up their film division, Netflix has been signing deals to create new movies (like their deal with Adam Sandler) as well as pick up other projects being pitched to the big studios.

Now it looks like Netflix is also going to be pushing for animated feature films as well as live-action ones, with the announcement of an upcoming revisionist history of the United States, titled America: The Motion Picture. The project already has a director and scriptwriter attached, and now Netflix has announced their star: Channing Tatum, who will be voicing George Washington.

According to reports from Deadline, Tatum will be joining director Matt Thompson (Archer), and screenwriter Dave Callaham (The Expendables) on the project. Thompson and Callaham will also be producing, alongside Thompson's Archer partner, Adam Reed, Tatum himself and his partners Peter Kiernan and Reid Carolin, and The LEGO Movie's  Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Will Allegra. The project is set to be an R-rated animation.

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Given the rating and the team behind the project, America: The Motion Picture is likely to be an adult-oriented animated movie in the style of Archer. This is also only one of many projects that Tatum has in the works at the moment, although he's not having much luck getting his projects off the ground. He is also producing and starring in Gambit and MIB 23, although both these films are currently stuck in development. In addition, Tatum is involved in the upcoming R-rated musical Wingmen, and is appearing in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, hitting theaters this fall.

Tatum is certainly keeping busy, and this project could definitely be a fun one for the star. Tatum has plenty of experience with both voice work and comedy, and with the weight of Netflix behind them, America: The Motion Picture could be a perfect voice role for the actor. The project may well be controversial, however, given the subject matter - the creative team will have to tread very carefully with this one. This is also not yet in production, although with the lead role cast, things seem to be moving forward quickly.

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America: The Motion Picture does not yet have a release date.

Source: Deadline 

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