Channing Tatum Starring In Crime Drama Bloodlines

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Logan Lucky star Channing Tatum is jumping aboard Universal's Bloodlines, a crime drama about an FBI agent investigating Mexican drug cartels in a seedy Texas border town.

Based on Bloodlines: The True Story of a Drug Cartel, the FBI, and the Battle for a Horse-Racing Dynasty by journalist Melissa del Bosque, the movie will tell the story of FBI agent Scott Lawson, who is stuck in a rut in the border town of Laredo, TX until he gets a tip that puts him on the trail of a Mexican drug lord who launders his money through horse racing.

Deadline reports that Channing Tatum has climbed aboard Bloodlines in the lead role of Lawson, who teams up with a more experienced agent named Alma Perez and gets a chance to infiltrate the cartel. No director is yet attached to the project but Straight Outta Compton writer Jonathan Herman has been hired to adapt the book. Michael De Luca is producing.

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Channing Tatum's very intriguing upcoming slate also includes a starring role alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Wingmen, a musical-comedy about two pilots set to be directed by Gordon-Levitt (Tatum flashed plenty of musical-comedy skill in the Coen Brothers' Hail, Caesar!). Tatum also recently said that his long-planned Gambit movie is still being actively developed by Fox. Tatum is rumored to be in line for the title role in the new Van Helsing movie being developed as part of Universal's Dark Universe, and is also reported to be headlining the Men In Black/Jump Street crossover film MIB 23 alongside Jonah Hill.

Thus far, Tatum has mostly been showcased in ensemble films helmed by strong directors, but with Bloodlines he appears to be moving out of that comfort zone and into a project where his own star-power will be front-and-center. Clearly Universal is banking on Tatum's name recognition helping to sell Bloodlines, whose premise makes it sound like it could be a Sicario-style action-drama. We'll see if Tatum can make the transition from strong ensemble actor to genuine Hollywood leading man.

Tatum can currently be seen as one of the luckless Logan brothers in Steven Soderbergh's red state heist film Logan Lucky, co-starring Adam Driver, Daniel Craig and Seth MacFarlane. Later this year he'll appear as Agent Tequila in the highly-anticipated action spy thriller sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Those who are nostalgic for Tatum's Magic Mike days may get a kick out of the video the actor recently posted of himself dancing up a storm with a gas station attendant while on a road trip.

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Screen Rant will keep you updated on Bloodlines as more information becomes available.

Source: Deadline

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