Channel Zero Seasons 3 & 4 Plot Details and Inspiration Revealed

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With the second season of Channel Zero not even due to air until October, the themes for seasons 3 and 4 have already been shared online. Syfy's new horror anthology received good notices and publicity during the first season, and there's every sign that the creepypasta show will be with us for some time.

With the very noticeable exception of American Horror Story, there aren't that many TV shows that are aimed specifically at horror fans, and resolve to bring a fresh tale of terror with every renewed season. But writer/producer Nick Antosca (Hannibal) added to that sub-genre last year with the genuinely disturbing premiere season of Channel Zero. The first season was called Candle Cove and took inspiration from the well-known online fable of a children's TV show that corrupted the kids that saw it. Deeply unnerving, it contained an offbeat and detached atmosphere that included; unsettling puppets, child-murderers, and a boy completely covered in human teeth.

With mostly positive reviews, Channel Zero's freshman season certainly made an impression, and a second season was quickly confirmed. What was a little more surprising was the fact that Channel Zero seasons 3 and 4 were confirmed, well before season 2 has yet to actually air. The themes for Channel Zero seasons 3 and 4 were previously under-wraps, but now Bloody Disgusting has revealed the stories and inspiration for those upcoming shows and what we can expect.

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Channel Zero season 3 will be titled Staircases and focus on a young cop who finds it hard to live up to his father's example, despite his strong sense of justice and community spirit. The character's contact with a young woman with mental illness will act as the catalyst for the horror elements to fall into place, in the story. Brandon Scott (Blair Witch) will play the police officer, with Holland Roden (Teen Wolf) playing the female lead. Season 4 hasn't got any casting in place yet, but it will be called Hidden Door. It's expected that this story will be based on the creepypasta known as "I Found a Hidden Door in my Cellar", and you can probably guess the direction that tale may take.

This all comes on top of the details that we already know about Season 2 of the show. Called The No-End House, it will revolve around a haunted fun-house and Antosca has described it as a "horror version of Solaris." A young woman called Margot Sleator, played by Amy Forsyth (Defiance), visits a mysterious building and everything changes for her.

Given the effective eeriness of Candle Cove, the promise that these forthcoming seasons have, and the endless supply of creepypasta tales online, it looks like Channel Zero will be providing some scary moments well into the future.

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Channel Zero: The No-End House airs on Syfy in October.

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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