What To Expect From Channel Zero Season 5

Channel Zero Season 5

Will there be a Channel Zero season 5, and what story can you expect from it? Following the season 4 finale of Syfy's Channel Zero: The Dream Door, fans are already wondering what's next for the horror anthology series.

Channel Zero is a show that consists of self-contained seasons. Each season centers on a different cast of characters faced with a different supernatural threat. In the fourth season, The Dream Door, Tom (Brandon Scott) and Jilian (Maria Sten) are troubled by secrets in their marriage while struggling to find out what's behind the strange door in their basement. The secret of the door is somehow linked to a fictional character called Pretzel Jack who was created by Jillian when she was a child.

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With a strong reception to season 4, more Channel Zero seems only inevitable. We've just had two seasons alone in 2018, but what does that mean for the future?

Channel Zero Season 5 Hasn't Been Confirmed (Yet)

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Channel Zero season 5 has yet to be officially greenlit, making the show's future uncertain for the time being. Additionally, ratings for the series have been low since season 2, making it's difficult to determine the chances for renewal.

Syfy's decision to air the entire six-episode season within one week suggests that they doesn't have room on its weekly schedule for Channel Zero. Anytime a network rushes to air all the episodes of a long-running series is a bad sign. Indeed, this isn't the first time Syfy has aired a whole season within such a short time frame. Syfy aired the third season of time travel series 12 Monkeys within one weekend, and that even premiered, had announced a short, final fourth season.

When Could Channel Zero Season 5 Premiere?

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The premiere dates for the first four seasons of Channel Zero haven't been consistent. The first season, Candle Cove, aired in the Fall of 2016, followed by season 2 in the Fall of 2017. Season 3 premiered at the beginning of this year, before season 4 in Fall 2018.

The gaps between the last three seasons were unusually short, which could cause fans to expect Channel Zero season 5 to air as early as spring of 2019. However, one reason for this is that Channel Zero was renewed for two seasons at a time, allowing the series to go into production much earlier than normal. Since this isn't the case this time around, season 5 of Channel Zero - if ordered by Syfy - would most likely premiere sometime in Fall 2019.

What Will Channel Zero Season 5's Story Be About?

Being an anthology series, none of Channel Zero's four seasons are connected, which means that each season is absent of any clues for what comes next. What we do know is that series creator Nick Antosca already has a plan for two more seasons. According to Antosca (via io9), Channel Zero season 5 could feature the return of "certain iconic characters", suggesting the anthology mold could be somewhat broken.

A recurring element in Channel Zero is monsters. Candle Cove had the Tooth Child, No-End House Butcher's Block had the Meat Servant and other strange creatures, and The Dream Door had Pretzel Jack, a murderous contortionist clown. One thing that viewers should certainly expect from Channel Zero season 5 is the introduction of another terrifying monster.

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