Channel Zero: The Dream Door Finale Explained

In the season finale of Syfy's Channel Zero: The Dream Door, Jillian (Maria Sten) finds a way to control her power and kill her evil half-brother, Ian (Steven Robertson), who was using his creations to terrorize Jillian and her husband, Tom (Brandon Scott).

The fourth season of Syfy's horror anthology series opened with newlyweds Tom and Jillian finding a strange door in their basement that wasn't there before. At the beginning of the season, Jillian discovered that behind the door is a murderous contortionist clown named Pretzel Jack with deep connections to Jillian's past. Jillian learned that Pretzel Jack is bonded with her emotionally, causing him to attack anyone who angers her.

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After Jillian realized that Tom has been keeping secrets from her, their issues began to put other lives - including Tom's - at risk. When Pretzel Jack started killing people, Jillian sought help from her friendly neighbor Ian (Steven Robertson), who held the answer to stopping Pretzel Jack from hurting anyone else. Ian, who actually shares Jillian's strange powers, began training Jillian so she would able to control her ability and destroy Pretzel Jack. As it turned out, Ian was Jillian's half-brother and the real villain of the series.

What Happened In The Chanel Zero Finale

The series finale featured the conclusion to Jillian's battle with Ian. After Tom is taken by Ian, Jillian goes looking for him and encounters a duplicate of him. Jillian isn't fooled and kills the creature, but Ian still has more of his creations out there searching for her. After reuniting with Tom, the two are forced to hide from Ian. Jillian uses her power to bring back Pretzel Jack, who she sends to fight Ian's lackey, Tall Boy. When Pretzel Jack kills Tall Boy, Jillian and Tom realize that killing Ian's creations won't be enough. Ian has to die for them to be safe.

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The couple find Ian in a room full of doors. Ian reveals that he secretly helped Jillian create the blue door in her basement. When he tries to grab Jillian, Pretzel Jack arrives to save her but is killed by a resurrected Tall Boy. Jillian stabs Ian with a knife, and with Tom's help, is about to finish him off before Tall Boy interrupts and attacks them. Tall Boy accidentally kills Ian, which causes all of the doors to disappear along with all of Ian's creations.

Some time later, it's revealed that Tom and Jillian have a daughter. The two were able to get through their problems and now appear to be happily married. The episode ends with a green door materializing in their daughter's bedroom.

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