Channel Zero Season 3 Will Be Less of a Direct Creepypasta Adaptation


Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca talks about how season 3 won't be a direct adaptation of any particular creepypasta story. Creepypastas - user created horror stories that are posted online, often under the premise that their events actually took place - have been around on the internet for many years now, but it surprisingly took until last year for a TV show to realize just how ripe some of these tales were for a small screen adaptation. That show was SYFY's Channel Zero, the first season of which adapted the well-known story Candle Cove.

While Candle Cove's TV adaptation fleshed out the story far beyond its fairly brief written length, Channel Zero's first outing successfully managed to capture the essence of its inspiration in the eyes of many, delivering some of the creepiest visuals to hit TV in a long time along the way. Earlier tonight saw the premiere of Channel Zero season 2, which adapts Brian Russell's story The No-End House.

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As with any adaptation, Channel Zero's take on No-End House also looks to have made many changes to the source material along the journey from page to screen. Such changes are a common fact of life when adapting existing material, as things often just don't work well when one attempts to port them directly from the written word over into a visual medium. However, Antosca recently revealed to us that for Channel Zero season 3, the show will be eschewing the premise of directly adapting one specific creepypasta story. Here's what he had to say.

"I will say there are a couple of working titles out there, and various guesses as to which stories we are drawing from, and some of those guesses are closer than others. I will also say that the third installment, which we just finished shooting and we're about to go into editing is, as with the other seasons, very different from the first two. I would say Candle Cove is Stephen King, No-End House is John Carpenter, the third installment is Argento with a little Bernard Rose Candyman thrown in. And it's also less of a direct adaptation of one creepypasta than the first two seasons are. It's more like we took a story that we loved and we took one element of it in particular and expanded it greatly."


Previous reports have said that season 3 would be entitled Staircases, and star Brandon Scott (Blair Witch) and Holland Roden (Teen Wolf). Plot-wise, those same reports said that season 3 would center on a jaded cop (Scott), who lives in the shadow of his chief of police father, and a young woman struggling with a history of mental illness (Roden). It's unclear whether Antosca's above comments should be seen as contradicting these reports, or instead simply saying that fan ideas about what story or stories that season 3 draws inspiration from are incorrect.

For now, Channel Zero fans can prepare to enter the No-End House - if they haven't already - and look out for whatever season 3 ends up truly being next year. A fourth season has also been ordered by SYFY, which is projected to arrive in 2019. Channel Zero is set to continue spinning its twisted tales for some time to come.


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Channel Zero: No-End House airs Wednesdays at 10pm on Syfy.

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