Channel Zero Season 2 Gets A Trailer & Premiere Date

Syfy's Channel Zero: No-End House has gotten a full trailer and premiere date. An anthology series done similarly to hits like American Horror Story -- each 6-episode season features a new story and new characters -- Channel Zero debuted last October with the mostly well-received Candle Cove, based on the creepy pasta story of the same name by Kris Straub. Syfy clearly had confidence in the concept going in, though, as a second season was picked up before Candle Cove even premiered.

Channel Zero season 2 adapts creepy pasta No-End House, by Brian Russell. Syfy's version appears to be pretty similar to Russell's story, albeit with a female protagonist instead of a male one. Elements of Russell's sequel stories to No-End House also seem to be sprinkled in. There was at least a lot more for Channel Zero's writers to work with when adapting No-End House, as it's a much longer story than Candle Cove.

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While many had assumed that No-End House would premiere in October like Candle Cove did, Syfy has now revealed that Channel Zero season 2 will premiere on September 20. Along with the premiere date reveal comes the official full trailer for No-End House, which follows a series of cryptic teasers that have surfaced in recent months. Check the trailer out above.

No-End House stars Amy Forsyth (The Path) as Margot Sleator, a young woman who accepts the challenge of making it out of the titular house alive, but finds that her world has been irreparably altered upon exiting. Then again, judging by the above trailer, she may never have exited at all. The No-End House is a series of wildly varying rooms, each presenting some type of puzzle to be solved, and each offering more horrifying elements than the last. John Carroll Lynch (American Horror Story) and Aisha Dee (Sweet/Vicious) also star.

As before, Syfy clearly sees a long-term future with Channel Zero, having already ordered seasons 3 and 4 for 2018 and 2019, respectively. Season 3 is titled Staircases, and season 4 is titled Hidden Door. The network has yet to clarify exactly which particular creepy pasta stories these seasons will adapt.

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Channel Zero: No-End House premieres September 20 on Syfy.

Source: Syfy

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