Syfy Unveils New Teaser for Channel Zero: No-End House

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Syfy unveils a new teaser for Channel Zero: No-End House. One of the coolest things about the internet is that it has enabled any random person to present their creative efforts to the world. While all such efforts are not always good, one of the coolest subsets of online creativity has been the world of creepypastas, short horror stories that are usually told with the idea that they're recounting true events. Why it took so long for someone to try to turn these stories into a TV series is anyone's guess, but that's exactly what Syfy has done with Channel Zero.

Last October, Syfy premiered the first 6-episode season of Channel Zero, which adapted the story Candle Cove by Kris Straub. The story itself was pretty short, so a lot of expanding was done to fill out the season. Still, reviews from both critics and horror fans were mostly kind, with Candle Cove managing to capture the essence of Straub's tale while also crafting some of the creepiest imagery seen on basic cable in quite some time.

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With a successful first outing under its belt, Channel Zero will return this October for season 2, a 6-episode adaptation of Brian Russell's No-End House. On the surface, the premise of No-End House is a simple one, but anyone who has read the story will be well aware that things within it get really terrifying, really fast. Syfy has released the second teaser - the first debuted right after Candle Cove ended last year - for No-End House, which can be seen above. It's short, but it's still quite unsettling.

Channel Zero Poster

No-End House stars Amy Forsyth (The Path) as Margot Sleator, a young woman who accepts the challenge of making it out of the titular house alive, but finds that her world has been irreparably altered upon exiting. The No-End House is a series of wildly varying rooms, each presenting some type of puzzle to be solved, and each offering more horrifying elements than the last. John Carroll Lynch (American Horror Story) and Aisha Dee (Sweet/Vicious) also star.

Forsyth's casting in the lead is actually a slight change from Russell's story, which centered on a male protagonist, although a sequel story - also written by Russell - did focus on a female character facing the terror of the titular structure. Perhaps elements from both stories have been used when writing the TV adaptation, but it's too early to know for sure. Channel Zero is set to haunt Syfy through at least 2019, as seasons 3 and 4 have already been ordered.

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Channel Zero: No-End House premieres this October on Syfy.

Source: Syfy

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