Guillermo Del Toro Producing Channel Zero Creator’s Antlers

FOX Searchlight has picked up horror film Antlers, co-written by Channel Zero creator Nick Antosca, and produced by Guillermo Del Toro. Antosca has been a bit of a rising name in the horror world the last few years, writing for and co-producing NBC's critically acclaimed cult hit series Hannibal, created by Bryan Fuller. After Hannibal came to an all too soon end, Antosca proceeded to create his own horror show for Syfy, that being the aforementioned anthology series Channel Zero.

Widely considered the creepiest original series Syfy has ever produced, Channel Zero adapts - albeit sometimes loosely - creepypasta stories from the internet, often expanding them in interesting ways that the authors never would have imagined. The first season adapted Candle Cove, the tale of a mysterious kids show that seemingly compels its viewers to kill. This fall's season two adapted The No-End House, which chronicles the journey of a group of friends as they experience the titular dwelling, a sentient creature with a sinister mind of its own.

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Channel Zero has already been renewed by Syfy for seasons 3 and 4, but The Tracking Board reports that another Antosca project has just sold to FOX Searchlight. Entitled Antlers, the film's story "follows a fourth-grade teacher who tries to help a troubled boy in her class, only to discover that he’s been hiding a nightmarish secret. Now something terrifying is coming for the boy, and she has to protect him."

Set to produce is distinguished genre director Guillermo Del Toro, who recently released his latest film - The Shape of Water - through FOX Searchlight. Also producing is David S. Goyer, who wrote the Blade series - the second of which Del Toro directed - as well as Batman Begins and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Co-writing the script for Antlers with Antosca is Hollywood newcomer Henry Chaisson.

Interestingly enough, Antlers continues Antosca's creative connection to the titular skull extensions, as Hannibal regularly used antlers as a visual motif. Hopefully this project turns out better for Antosca than his last venture into the horror film world. Antosca wrote a pass of the script for Paramount's most recent attempt at rebooting Friday the 13th, which ended up being canceled just prior to when production was slated to begin.

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Source: The Tracking Board

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