How Channel Zero Created a Suburban Nightmare in No-End House

SYFY's Channel Zero returns with No-End House, which series creator Nick Antosca describes as a John Carpenter suburban nightmare.

Channel Zero No-End House

Nick Antosca, creator and showrunner of SYFY's horror anthology Channel Zero, is setting a pretty high bar with regard to the series' second season titled No-End House. By likening it to a "suburban nightmare" in the vein of John Carpenter, Antosca is not only distancing the series from its first installment, 2016's creepy (especially if you have a thing about teeth showing up in places teeth aren't meant to be) Candle Cove, but he's letting viewers know what kind of scares they're in for as the series progresses.

Based on the creepypasta 'No-End House' by Brian Russell, Channel Zero season 2 represents an opportunity for the series to branch out and explore new territory, both in terms of the kind of story unfolding and the manner in which it is told. Along with that comes the prospect of explore a new visual palette and tone, thanks in large part to incoming director Steve Piet, who, like Candle Cove's Craig William Macneill, helms all six episodes this season.

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According to Antosca, the freedom granted the series by virtue of it being an anthology means each incoming director will be able to follow their own creative inspiration without having to worry about overarching storylines, or staying consistent with the style of what came before.

Amy Forsyth Margot Channel Zero No-End House

"There are consistencies from season to season in terms of the standards that we hold for ourselves, particularly in terms of what kind of horror we're doing. Not relying on jump scares, creating an atmosphere of dread. The principles that we follow in terms of adapting a creepypasta, we just need to find one with a really strong core horror concept that also leaves us room to invent and take it further, something that suggests a larger world and mythology."

Antosca went on to describe what sets No-End House apart from its predecessor, and in doing so, he called up some comparisons to legends in the horror genre, like Stephen King and John Carpenter.

"So like Candle Cove, No-End House gave us a very basic, strong horror concept -- Brian Russell's story is a haunted house with a twist -- and it gave us a lot of room to subvert expectations, to write a kind of nightmare fan fiction of the original story. And in terms of having a different flavor and tone every season -- it's very important to me that we have one director for the entire season each time. I want the show to be a showcase for an exciting new director every season. And we invite them to put their stamp on it. We conceive the seasons differently, and I kind of imagine the first season as a quieter, more pastoral, almost Stephen King, small-town story. No-End house is much more of a John Carpenter suburban nightmare, and Steven Piet came in and had a lot to do with shaping the cinematic elements of the season."

Will that be enough to get people watching Channel Zero: No-End House? So far it sounds like the series is giving horror fans plenty of reasons to tune in.

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Channel Zero: No End House continues next Wednesday with 'Nice Neighborhood' @10pm on SYFY.

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