Channel Zero: Rutger Hauer ‘Was a Mentor’ To Butcher’s Block Cast and Creators

Rutger Hauer as Joseph Peach in Channel Zero

Butcher’s Block, the third season of SYFY’s horror anthology series Channel Zero, features Rutger Hauer in a prominent role, which creator Nick Antostca says was just the beginning of the contributions the actor made to the latest installment in the series. The actor is perhaps best known for his roles in Blade Runner, The HitcherTrue Blood, and even Batman Begins. As such he brings a certain presence to Channel Zero, one that was apparently felt by the cast and crew.

Hauer plays Joseph Peach, the patriarch of a once-prominent family in the third season’s locale of Butcher’s Block. Joseph’s past and his present-day intentions are part of the series’ overall mystery, one that involves missing persons, strange hooded figures stalking the neighborhoods, and a mysterious staircase that suddenly materializes in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say, there’s a lot going on in this new season, and it seems like SYFY got the right man to be at the center of it all.

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Antosca recently spoke with Screen Rant about Butcher’s Block and Hauer specifically. He was eager to discuss Hauer’s role in the series, what he brought to the production, and how he acted as a mentor of sorts to the cast and crew — including Antosca and season director Arkasha Stevenson. Antosca said:

Olivia Luccardi in Channel Zero
Olivia Luccardi in Channel Zero: Butcher's Block.

“We needed somebody who felt larger than life in this role. Somebody who is extraordinarily charming, somebody who is extraordinarily menacing. And Rutger brings so much to it. He is an actor who, no matter what he's doing he's always going to bring more to the character, more to the role, and to the scene than is on the page. If Joseph Peach isn't played by somebody with extraordinary presence it just doesn't work. And Rutger is, once he commits, he's all in. So, [director Arkasha Stevenson] and I spent hours with him talking about the character and the philosophies behind what he does and how he lives and what he represents. And there're a lot of ideas in the show and lines in the show that Rutger either came up with or directly inspired. He was a mentor somewhat to the rest of the cast, but more to me and Arkasha.”

Hauer also brings a certain kind of appeal for fans of genre shows, which isn’t too surprising considering some of the films and TV series he’s made a career out of appearing on. Equally adept at playing a hero or villain (though perhaps better known for his villainous roles), Hauer may have found another memorable character to inhabit on this season of Channel Zero.

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Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block premieres Wednesday @10pm on SYFY.

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