Chandler Riggs Thinks Carl's Aging on The Walking Dead is a Plot Hole Too

Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in The Walking Dead

Like many fans of The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs is incredibly confused about how his character Carl Grimes managed to age so quickly relative to the other people on the show. When Walking Dead first began in 2010, Carl was about eleven years old. But by the time Carl exited the show in season 8, he looked to be at least in his late teens – even though only about 2 years had passed in the story.

Carl’s aging became the butt of jokes over the years, as he seemed to speed through puberty at a completely unnatural rate. Things became even stranger when Carl’s mother Lori gave birth to her and Shane’s baby Judith, and Judith seemed to get stuck in infancy while her half-brother experienced accelerated development. Of course, the show put an end to all the Carl speculation by killing off the character in the middle of season 8, angering fans of the comic who expected Carl to stick around for a lot longer.

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As it turns out, the actor who played Carl is just as confused as everyone else about Carl’s inexplicable aging process. In a new Screen JunkiesSerious Questions” segment, Riggs asks what many Walking Dead fans have asked about Carl, and theorizes as to what may have caused his head-scratching growth spurt.

Hilariously, Riggs wonders if Carl got a mutated version of the walker virus that caused him to grow up so fast. “I’m gonna look like Hershel when I’m thirty,” Riggs laments. Elsewhere in the segment, the actor also addresses other issues that have cropped up over the years Walking Dead has been on the air, including the fact that zombies are called “walkers” instead of zombies. Riggs wonders, if zombies don’t exist in the pop culture of The Walking Dead’s world, does that mean their Michael Jackson never made his “Thriller” video? Also, how come the gasoline never runs out? And what happens to all the walker bodies? And why does Negan always wear his leather jacket even though it’s clearly very hot and humid out?

Finally, Riggs addresses the real elephant in the room when it comes to his character: Why did his dad name him “Coral?” As it turns out, Rick was a huge fan of NBA Hall of Famer "Koral" Malone. Chandler Riggs may no longer be a cast member on The Walking Dead, but it’s obvious that he still has the show on his mind. And since he’s no longer employed by the series, it’s possible for him to now join the rest of the internet in poking fun at The Walking Dead and its many plot holes.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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