What Happened To Chandler After Friends Ended

Chandler and Friends Series Finale

What happened to Chandler Bing after Friends ended? The character was portrayed by Matthew Perry in all ten seasons of the comedy series. Perry, however, didn't reprise his role for any kind of spinoff like his co-star, Matt LeBlanc did with Joey.

Chandler was the sarcastic one of the group as he often used his sense of humor as a defense mechanism. He was also the most financially stable through his work in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. Chandler suffered from commitment issues due to his dysfunctional home life growing up, but he eventually started to date Monica (Courtney Cox) and the two were married in the season 7 finale.

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In Friends season 9, Chandler's hatred for his job caused him to finally quit despite the great pay. Monica helped him find a new job through an old friend, and he was hired as an unpaid intern before being promoted to a junior copywriter at an advertising agency. Even bigger, by the end of the series, Chandler and Monica decided to adopt since they couldn't conceive a child. The mother that served as a surrogate surprisingly had twins but they never hesitated in adopting both children. In the Friends series finale, Chandler and Monica move to the suburbs with the twins, Jack and Erica Bing. After the big move, nothing is known about Chandler's fate.

Chandler didn't appear in the Friends spinoff, Joey, and his name wasn't mentioned as was the case with Phoebe Buffay. As such, anything about Chandler post-Friends is entirely speculation. He and Monica were clearly head over heels at the arrival of the twins and, as a new father, he probably transformed into an overprotective state. When his kids got older, they most likely shared his same sense of humor. It would also make sense if he continued his career in advertising, eventually being promoted. It wouldn't be surprising if he and Monica hosted their friends at their home for holidays just as they did with their old apartment.

It remains to be seen if Friends will return for any kind of revival. In recent years, Perry has stated that he's not interested in any kind of reunion. He shared his fear that audiences wouldn't be as welcoming to the reboot as they were with the original series, stating he considered the last season of Friends to be the perfect ending.

Another reason why Perry might want to pass on any type of Friends reunion is that he needs to keep focusing on his health. He battled drug and alcohol addiction since the mid-'90s and has been to rehab multiple times since. There are actually periods of time on the series that he doesn't remember filming. Perry also suffered a health issue last summer that required surgery. So for now, count out Chandler Bing for any kind of revival.

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