SR Pick [Video]: Short Film 'Chameleon' Keeps You Guessing

Short Film Chameleon directed by Sam Lemberg

The casual moviegoer may consider a short film to be anything that plays before a Pixar movie, but the more enthusiastic cinephile understands that short films can sometimes be more exciting, interesting, and have a better story than the average big budget blockbuster film.

Cue director Sam Lemberg and his new short film Chameleon, based on a short science fiction story by author Colin Harvey (read the entire short story HERE).  In under six minutes Lemberg has managed to make a film that is interesting, well acted, has decent SFX, and will keep the viewer guessing up until the very end - an impressive feat.

Chameleon picks up seven months after a hostile race of aliens have invaded Earth and the government fears that the aliens are modifying their DNA to pose as humans. After military officer Herb (James C. Burns) mysteriously reappears months after being abducted, his wife Emily (Lucy Rayner) is called in to ask him questions only she would know to find out who or what he really is.

Check out the film below:

When properly executed, a short film can get right to the point of being amusing, entertaining or thought provoking and, in some cases, it can catch the eye of a big Hollywood studio executive. In the past couple of years short films such as The GiftPanic Attack and The Raven (no correlation to the upcoming Edgar Allen Poe inspired John Cusack thriller The Raven) all started as short films and are all now in some stage of big screen development. Remember District 9 from Neill Blomkamp? That of course, came from his indie short film Alive in Joburg.

Could Lemberg's Chameleon be the next short film to get a big screen treatment?

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