Chambers' Ending Reveal: What Happened to Becky LeFevre

Chambers Ending Explained

Warning: Major SPOILERS ahead for Chambers season 1

In Netflix's supernatural horror series Chambers, a teenager called Sasha (Sivan Alrya Rose) has her life saved by a heart transplant from Becky LeFevre (Lilliya Scarlett Reid), who died after being electrocuted in a bathtub. As Sasha begins to delve into the mystery of her heart's previous owner, however, she discovers that there were sinister circumstances leading to Becky's death.

By the end of Chambers season 1, Sasha has finally uncovered the dark and frightening truth: both she and Becky were made into vessels for a powerful demonic spirit called Lilith, who can either heal or destroy. Lilith is worshipped by members of The Annex Foundation, and they want to bring Sasha into the fold so that she can carry out what they believe is Lilith's true purpose in the world. Needless to say, Sasha has some objections to this.

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The final episodes of the season bring together a lot of the mysteries and provide answers to burning questions, but also open up new questions to be potentially explored in a second season. Here's everything we've learned by the end of Chambers season 1, and what it means.

What Happened to Becky LeFevre, and How She Died

Chambers - Becky and Sasha

The basic details of Becky LeFevre's death are revealed early on in the series: she was in her bathroom and an old FM radio fell into the bathtub with her, resulting in death from electrocution. However, it later transpires that what appeared to be a tragic accident was actually deliberate. Becky blocked up the plug in her bathtub so that it would fill with water, then deliberately dropped the radio into the water in order to kill herself. Her death was witnessed by her best friend's boyfriend, Ravi (Jonny Rios), who had been having a secret love affair with Becky.

But while the "how" of Becky LeFevre's death turns out to be relatively simple, the "why" is where the true darkness lies. After taking DMT, Sasha learns that Becky had been chosen as the vessel for Lilith, who in mythology is Adam's first wife and a supposedly demonic figure who wandered out into the wilderness rather than live in the Garden of Eden. The Annex, the spiritual center that Becky's parents were deeply involved in, is actually a cult that worships Lilith and has been searching for a human host for the demon. Becky was chosen to be this vessel, perhaps because her birthday falls on the spring equinox (March 21), which is when the ritual to invite Lilith into her body took place.

Both Becky's own father, Ben LeFevre (Tony Goldwyn), and her high school counselor, Coach Jones (Michael Stahl-David) were involved in the ritual, and the trauma of the event led Becky to lose her memories of it. The immediate effects of playing host to Lilith were positive, with Becky becoming an excellent and popular student, but she soon noticed the darkness manifesting - for example, when she locked Penelope (Lilli Kay) in a steam room and badly scalded her.

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Frightened by this incident, Becky began investigating what was happening to her, first going for an aura reading and then later deciding to try and knock her memories loose with ayahuasca, a brew used in shamanistic and spiritual practices to unlock the mind. The ayahuasca allowed Becky to recall exactly what had happened to her at the spring equinox ritual, and she was so horrified by the discovery of what was inside her that she decided to kill herself in order to put a stop to Lilith. However, both Becky and Lilith lived on.

Sasha's New Heart and The Annex's New Plan

Chambers - Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn

Becky's death appeared to unleash a wave of power, triggering not only a storm but also a sudden surge of births at the hospital, and it seems likely that Lilith was the cause of Sasha's sudden heart attack - a result of the demon reaching out for a new host. After Ben signed a consent form for organ donation, The Annex gathered at the hospital to perform a ritualistic transfer of Becky's heart (which remained beating even after being removed) into Sasha's body. A witness to the ritual was murdered to cover it up.

With the new host in place, the next step was for The Annex to lure Sasha into their clutches - an effort led by Ben LeFevre, who contacted her under the pretense of simply wanting to get to know the girl who had received his daughter's heart. From there, she was given a free ride to Becky's old school, so that Coach Jones could keep an eye on her and quietly encourage her to accept Lilith. Meanwhile, another of Lilith's followers (Teddy Eggleston) hid in the attic above Sasha's room, performing rituals that she claims were for Sasha's protection and healing, but were likely designed to bring about unity between Sasha's body and the spirit inside her.

Wen Yvonne (Kyanna Simone Simpson) and TJ (Griffin Powell-Arcand) take Sasha to The Annex in the hope of healing her, Ruth (Lili Taylor) watches them but doesn't make any efforts to stop them, knowing that they're unwittingly doing Lilith's work. With the help of her friends Sasha is able to purge Becky's spirit from her body before Becky succeeds in her second suicide attempt, but this simply removes the last barrier holding back Lilith.

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Chambers Season 1's Ending and What It Means For Season 2

Chambers - Sasha in the shower

The ending of season 1 has plenty of set-up for a second season, starting with Big Frank (Marcus LaVoi) being framed for the murder of sleazy loan shark Johnny Bail Bonds (Don Harvey). We know that The Annex has police officers in its pockets, so it wouldn't have been too difficult to take Frank out of the picture and remove one of Sasha's major protectors and support structures. The fight for Frank's freedom will no doubt continue in Chambers season 2, assuming the show gets a renewal from Netflix.

Aside from Frank being in jail, life seems to be going well for Sasha after exorcising Becky's spirit from her body. She gets a tattoo of Becky's initials as a tribute to her heart's donor, gets back together with TJ, and bonds with her grandfather. However, it's clear that Sasha is also being watched - first by a woman at the jail, and then later approached by a little girl who gives her a flower.

Things come to a head when Ruth leads a group of Lilith's followers to Sasha's house at night and asks her to join them. She says that Lilith is not a demon but the divine feminine, and the dark things that Becky experienced were the result of her being an inhospitable host. She tells Sasha that she has the power to heal as well as destroy (something that's proven when Sasha heals the scar from her heart transplant), and that she is destined to bring equilibrium to the world. When Sasha refuses, however, Evan (Matthew Rauch) gets more forceful, insulting her upbringing and her family, and pushing Sasha to unleash her power. Around half of the gathered worshippers collapse to the ground, though it's unclear if they're dead or just unconscious, and the iris of Sasha's eye briefly splits as a sign of Lilith working through her.

While The Annex has certain beliefs and ideas about Lilith, it's unclear if Lilith herself shares those ideas, and she could be as disgusted as Sasha is by her simpering follows. It's also possible that Lilith isn't exactly sentient, with thoughts and desires of her own, but is instead simply a powerful force (like the Phoenix Force in X-Men), and the manifestation of that power depends on the host.

Like Big Frank, the two remaining LeFevres are left in a troubling place at the end of Chambers season 1 - both being "treated" at The Annex after Elliot (Nicholas Galitzine) was tricked into restarting his drug habit and Nancy (Uma Thurman) killed her husband. There's no indication that Sasha even knows they're being held, but if she finds out then she may be their best chance for escaping the The Annex's clutches in season 2.

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