The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 Cast Revealed


MTV’S The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 cast has been revealed. There are many new faces alongside beloved veterans.

The MTV series was first aired as a spinoff in 1990, combining The Real World and Road Rules to make one super competition with its cast of reality stars. At the start of each season, contestants are placed into teams, then put head-to-head in physical and mental challenges. The goal for each season is to have made it to the final, where the only remaining cast member wins a cash prize and bragging rights.

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MTV announced that the 34th season of their hit reality show, The Challenge, will put two allies against each other in The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, pitting the US against the UK. The teams will be split into two groups of 14 contenders, half being Brits and the other half being Americans, with a prize pot of $1 million. The last time MTV had a two-team format show was back in 2009 on The Ruins. T.J. Lavin is scheduled to reappear for hosting duties and, like all previous seasons, the new season had a twist, too. US Weekly reported that the winners of the premiere episode will be the first team to pick from the “reinforcements” group, which is made up of some of the strongest competitors the show had ever seen - four in total.


The Challenge War of the Worlds 2

Most of the returning cast members have had practice as they have appeared in recent seasons. Some, however, have returned after a bit of a break; Fresh Meats II’s Laurel Stuckey, who was made a villain, will make her return since last competing in 2017. Veteran Cara Maria Sorbello will be returning for an impressive 14th season. Fan-favorite Wes Bergmann was also asked to come back since he always had a way of turning teams on each other, creating the perfect storm for viewers. For the across-the-pond crew, love birds Georgia Harrison and Stephen Bear have returned after their nasty split, which aired last season when she found out he had a girlfriend waiting for him back in London. Kyle Christie, the most experienced of Team UK, will be making his fourth appearance.

Between the blood, sweat, and tears, season 34 is measuring up to be one MTV’s best yet. The Challenge is bringing back the titans of the game in a showdown of epic proportions, and the international theme should open the door for some entertaining - and interesting - drama.

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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 premieres August 29 at 8pm ET on MTV.

Source: US Weekly

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