The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley Says Wedding with Tori Deal Won’t Be Televised

Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley The Challenge

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2’s Jordan Wiseley says his wedding with Tori Deal won’t be televised. Even though the power couple got their start on reality TV, it's clear that the couple doesn't plan to air their private day on national television.

MTV’s The Challenge has created many love stories intertwined within the seasons over the last 20 years of filming. One of the most stand-out relationships was Wiseley and Deal. Both competitors were reality TV stars in their own right before meeting and falling for one another on The Challenge in 2017. Deal first took part in Are You The One? which entailed searching through other cast members to find your calculated soulmate. Wiseley appeared on The Real World: Portland back in 2013 which placed young strangers in a house together and watched their every move.

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The Challenge 34 premiered at the end of the month and for once, fans can look forward to a sweet love story instead of a backstabbing, plotting nightmare. Wiseley met Deal while filming for a past season and the cameras caught the moment that Wiseley got down on one knee and asked Deal to be his wife. Even with all that televised history, Wiseley was adamant in an interview with Us Weekly that they will not have their wedding vows streamed for all to see. He said, "You know, we wouldn’t mind letting the public in on the wedding and maybe doing a special of some kind." They both acknowledged that they met because of the show and are eternally grateful for the encounter, but they would like some much-deserved privacy to celebrate their love with close family and friends.

The Challenge Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal

Wiseley then continued, "Our biggest thing is we just want to have the wedding that we would like to have. We don’t want any TV commitments to mess up the wedding that we’d like, but we would surely love to have someone there to film it and share it with everyone." The wedding will take place somewhere on the East Coast, as Deal's family resides there. The happy couple is currently looking at castle-like venues that can hold about 500 guests. The pair also revealed that they had been talking about starting a family of their own sooner - rather than later. Both Deal and Wiseley have nieces and nephews and would like to have little ones of their own to share memories with. Luckily for fans, the baby train has not left the station just yet, the reality TV veterans still would like to earn a couple of wins before they hang up their respective titles.

Super-fans of the show will have front row seats to the proposal when they watch the current season of The Challenge: War of the Wolds 2. As for the couple deciding to have their wedding filmed, fans can be assured that someone will be at the wedding giving updates every step of the way. For now, audiences can look forward to watching and seeing if the pair can be the last team standing watch The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 on MTV.

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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 airs Wednesdays at 9pm EST on MTV

Source: US Weekly

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