Watch Chadwick Boseman Avoid Spoiling Avengers: Infinity War

When it comes to what fans can expect regarding Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, Chadwick Boseman is doing his best to keep quiet. While Boseman may be done filming Black Panther, he's still got a lot of work ahead of him. Right now, he's in the middle of shooting Infinity War, in which he'll be sharing a scene or two with Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. Meanwhile, an entire section of the movie appears to take place in Wakanda, judging from a recent set photo from the directors of next year's epic film.

Outside of some set videos and rumors, there's still not a lot we know about Infinity War, and even less is known about Avengers 4. What we do know is that the former will be wrapping soon, with many of the actors moving on to the latter for a start date early next month. With the back-to-back shooting schedule, many fans are assuming the two movies won't be as unrelated as we've been told. Still, the stars are keeping things under wraps for now. Of course, that hasn't stopped people from pestering them with questions in the meantime.

Boseman was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night where the host attempted to wheedle out some information regarding the two upcoming Avengers films. And while Boseman confirmed he was sharing a scene with Ruffalo, even Kimmel couldn't trick him into saying much more. Boseman wouldn't even reveal if he'd be back for Avengers 4, though that seems all but a given.

Boseman's costar Scarlett Johansson was a little more forthcoming when she made the late night rounds recently. While she didn't divulge too much information, she did tease a scene in Infinity War involving over 30 Marvel characters. While we know the cast is well over 60 characters, it's still wild to imagine 30 or more heroes from across the MCU coming together in one massive scene.

We've also learned that more and more of the characters from Black Panther will be coming to the battle with Thanos. It was recently revealed that Danai Gurira will be reprising her role as Dora Milaje member Okoye in the team-up film. With more and more of a Wakandan presence in Infinity War, it's seeming possible that the reveal of the final Infinity Stone could be in Black Panther next year.

Though Boseman couldn't say who all was on set for Infinity War, the wide variety of shooting locations means he may not even know who's where. We did recently see that Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr. and the stars of Doctor Strange were all on set together, however, meaning Boseman's T'Challa could be in the same scene. For now, we only have bread crumbs to go on, but that should change as Avengers: Infinity War wraps and production begins on the sequel.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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