8 Celebrity Couples That Split For Crazy Reasons (And 7 That Stayed Together)

As fans, we often grow attached to celebrity couples. Celebrities seem to represent what we all wish we could be, but they obviously aren't perfect. They aren't like the characters they play on TV. Just because we think two people are perfect for each other, doesn't mean it's the same way behind closed doors.

We saw this happen recently with the news that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split. They seemed like one of the best couples in Hollywood, but there were certain things that we didn't see.

Breakups can be even more shocking when we find out how terrible these celebrities can be to one another. They cheat on each other, call each other names, and lie to one another just like the rest of us - sometimes much worse.

Other times, the public is screaming for one party to dump the other, and can't figure out why they're still together. We comment and tweet about how we'd leave our significant other if they did that to us, but it's usually not that simple.

Some of these entries couldn't weather the storm of a public scandal. Many of the breakups are entirely understandable, especially once the public learned exactly what happened. The other are people who had experiences that are just as bad and stuck it out.

Here are 8 Celebrity Couples That Broke Up For Shocking Reasons (And 7 That Stayed Together Anyway).

15. Broke Up: Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock

Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock

When you make a movie about the prospect of cheating on your wife, it's probably not a sign that you're relationship's in the right place. Well, that's what Chris Rock did while cheating on his long-time wife, Malaak Compton-Rock.

In his comedy routine, Rock got candid with his audience about being a bad husband. The comedian claimed that he thought he could get away with cheating, and described having a relationship with three women while he was married.

Rock told the audience that one of the women was a big star. This lead many to speculate that one of his affairs was with his co-star in I Think I Love My Wife, Kerry Washington. Their divorce was finalized in 2016.

14. Stayed Together: Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-Z and Beyonce

Despite the #relationshipgoals that accompanied the biggest power couple in the world, Jay-Z, and Beyonce, it shouldn't come as a shock to learn that the rapper was unfaithful. All you'd have to do is look at some of Jay-Z's earlier work to find out that he probably doesn't have the highest opinion of monogamous relationships.

The Jay-Z cheating saga spanned years, and rumors were circulating long before Beyonce released Lemonade. In fact, the title of the album was reportedly a reference to one of the women Jay-Z cheated with, who posted a picture on Instagram wearing a bikini with lemons on it.

Although the couple all but confirmed Jay-Z's infidelity, they made hundreds of millions of dollars off of the scandal. Some even theorize that Beyonce didn't care about Jay-Z's cheating, and the two just used it to sell records.

13. Broke Up: Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

Cheating happens, but when you cheat on an American sweetheart like Sandra Bullock, public perception is going to turn against you. Jesse James and Sandra Bullock split after five years of marriage. Multiple women came forward in 2010 and told reporters that they had affairs with the reality star.

Amidst these allegations was an extremely disturbing picture of Jesse James wearing Nazi paraphernalia and giving a salute. Apparently one of his girlfriends was a big Hitler gal, which didn't help his cause when it came to how the public perceived James.

Bullock addressed the picture and broke the news that the two were splitting up.

She later adopted a son on her own. Years after the fact, James spoke with the Daily Mail and said he didn't have any regrets about the situation.

12. Stayed Together: Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

Kobe Bryant was arrested in July of 2003 for allegedly assaulting a 19-year-old hotel employee in Colorado. He admitted that he had relations with the young woman, but said that it was consensual.

As details surrounding the case came out, Bryant's defense team didn't pull any punches trying to destroy the girl's credibility. The team's allegations against the girl are quite disturbing, and the court eventually dismissed the charges before trial, because the victim refused to testify. Bryant and his accuser settled a civil lawsuit for an undisclosed number.

While all of this was going on, Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce.

Kobe gave her the notoriously massive ring, though, and they eventually got back together.

Vanessa threw away the divorce papers, Kobe changed his number, got his sponsors back, and moved on as nothing had happened.

11. Broke Up: Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

Mel Gibson's marriage to Oksana Grigorieva was short-lived but ended with a ton of fireworks. The two got married in 2009, and by 2010 the internet was treated to the infamous phone recordings that had Gibson spouting all kinds of nonsense.

Gibson's recordings revealed him to be a sexist, racist, anti-Semite -- just an overall bad guy. His Passion of the Christ movie didn't do him any favors either. After the divorce was finalized, Grigorieva levied domestic abuse allegations at Gibson as well. Based on what he said over the phone, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

Gibson was blackballed from Hollywood for a few years after his split, but the world has a relatively short memory. It wasn't long before he was acting and directing again, and was even nominated for a few awards.

10. Stayed Together: John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Pretty much everyone has speculated about John Travolta's orientation at some point in their internet life. The Grease star has been followed by persistent rumors through his Hollywood career. Despite his claims that these allegations are ridiculous, multiple men have come forward, saying that Travolta made advances on them or outright had affairs with them.

Some even claim that they had affairs that lasted years. There are also the stories of Travolta meeting men at the gym in the wee hours of the night.

Through all of this, though, Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, stuck with him.

The two have children together and even went through the turmoil of losing one of them. Their relationship seems as strong as any in Hollywood.

9. Broke Up: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise is one of the most confusing men on the planet. He's the celebrity face of Scientology and seems to have jumped into the religion with both feet. It makes sense, because if you're a man as successful as Tom Cruise, why wouldn't you think that you have all of the answers?

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise split after years of marriage and raising kids. To hear Kidman tell it, Cruise seemed to have filed for divorce out of nowhere. The two never gave specifics about what happened to their relationship, but the smart money is on something having to do with Scientology.

Kidman didn't buy into the religion like Cruise, and that doesn't fly in the Scientology world.

In fact, there are reports that Cruise held auditions for his next wife, and Katie Holmes got the part.

8. Stayed Together: Magic and Cookie Johnson

Magic and Cookie Johnson

Magic Johnson and his wife Cookie have weathered one of the most difficult relationship tests imaginable: a positive HIV diagnosis. Magic found out that he was HIV positive only a week after he and his wife got married.

Although she admits she was scared, Cookie discussed her husband's diagnosis in an interview, saying, "He said, 'If you want to leave, you know, I don't blame you. It's OK. I understand.' Then I said, 'Are you kidding me? No. I love you. I'm gonna stay here and help you live. I'm gonna stay here, and we're gonna beat this thing. We're gonna figure out how to beat this thing.'"

The couple was even more terrified when Magic and Cookie found out that they were having a baby. Since Magic was HIV positive, there was a chance that he transmitted it to his child. Luckily, the couple's baby didn't have the disease.

7. Broke Up: Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp might seem like a nice guy if you're a fan of some of his characters, but his split with Amber Heard tells a different story. It can be difficult to imagine that one of your favorite actors is capable of domestic abuse and other crazy behavior, but a TMZ video gave Johnny Depp fans some serious doubts.

Heard and Depp split after two years of marriage, allegedly because of Depp's tendency to become violent. A leaked video showed the star screaming, throwing things, and breaking bottles before he saw Heard was filming him.

Photos of Heard also showed the injuries she sustained, and the court granted her a temporary restraining order. The couple's joint statement called their relationship "intensely passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love."

6. Stayed Together: Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie

Woody Harrelson and Laura Louie

A drunken night turned into front-page news for Woody Harrelson. He ended up having relations with three girls after a night of drinking in London, and one of them happened to work for a tabloid newspaper.

Though the situation was incredibly embarrassing for Harrelson, he found out just how loyal his wife was. "What she said to me after finding out was, ‘That must be really hard for you, to have this s**** exposed,'” Harrelson told People magazine.  “Now that doesn’t mean she wasn’t upset. How did I apologize? You know, just your standard Texan grovel. But she forgave me, and we’re still together.”

The couple is still going strong, despite the incident, and have three daughters together. Louie was upset but was understanding enough to stay with her husband.

5. Broke Up: Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Katy Perry and Russell Brand split up after 14 months of marriage in 2012. In the documentary Brand: A Second Coming, Brand gave insight into their relationship, and he didn't have many nice things to say about his ex-wife.

"I'm associated with the very thing I detest," he said. "Vapid, vacuous, plastic, constructed, mindless celebrity." The documentary was being filmed close to when he and Perry split, so it's understandable that he was a bit sour.

More recently, Brand has softened his stance on Katy Perry, attributing their breakup to the trials of dating in the public eye. "The marriage didn't last for a very long time, and I think that is due to the undulating nature of fame, living in those conditions," he explained to Metro.

4. Stayed Together: Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne doesn't exactly scream "stud" these days, but apparently, his fame, reputation, and personality were enough to woo his hair stylist, with whom he had an affair.

Sharon Osbourne was devastated after learning the news and separated from Ozzy after 33 years of marriage.

Eventually, the two worked out their differences and got back together.

Sharon explained her side of the story on her talk show The Talk. “35 years with someone is a hell of a long time. And I think I fell out of love with my husband and then fell back again,” she explained.

She told the viewers that Ozzy was dedicating himself to becoming a better person. "I just had a newfound love, and I respected him because he’s seriously trying to be a better person.”

3. Broke Up: Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin

Anthony Weiner's story is both pathetic and disturbing. It's the story of a man who seems addicted to self-destruction. The ironically-named former congressman's first inappropriate texting scandal happened in 2011 when he accidentally tweeted a link to a racy picture of himself.

While running for mayor in 2013, he used the alias Carlos Danger to send photos to another woman.

Huma Abedin, Weiner's wife, stuck by his side through all of this. In 2016, another scandal hit as it was reported that he sent a picture to a woman while laying in bed with his young son. Abedin left him for a brief stint but eventually returned.

The final nail in the coffin was when the Daily Mail reported that he texted inappropriately with a girl who was 15 years old. A few months later, federal prosecutors confirmed that they were bringing against Weiner. He surrendered to the FBI and started his prison sentence late last year.

2. Stayed Together: Bill and Hilary Clinton

Bill and Hilary Clinton

Everyone knows about Bill Clinton's infamous affair with Monica Lewinski, but a lot of people tend to forget all of the other sexual misconduct allegations that swarmed the former president. Through accusation after accusation, Hilary Clinton stood with her husband.

Clinton was accused of groping, making advances, and having affairs with multiple women. Juanita Broaddrick even came forward and claimed that Bill Clinton assaulted her in 1978. Clinton settled a couple of lawsuits out of court over his behavior, including one for $850,000.

Hilary Clinton publically supported her husband and said she didn't believe any of these allegations, but those who were on the political team at the time were unconvinced. There have long been claims that Hilary knew what was going on with some of these affairs.

1. Broke Up: Gwenn Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

Gwenn Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

Cheating on your wife with the nanny is almost too cliche. Well, that's why Gavin Rossdale and Gwenn Stefani split in 2015. According to sources, Stefani went to get an iPad for her children, but the iPad was linked to her husband's text messages.

When she started to look closer, Stefani saw that Rossdale and the nanny had been texting. After opening a few of the texts and seeing what was inside, she realized that he had been cheating.

Stefani and Rossdale never commented on the split, which adds further fuel to the rumor fires. Apparently, Stefani had some suspicions that her husband was cheating, and these explicit texts confirmed it.

Luckily, her gig on the voice introduced her to Blake Shelton, who split with Miranda Lambert among allegations that Lambert was cheating on him.


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