8 Celebrities Who Are Gambling Addicts (And 8 Who Are Cheap)

There is simply no telling just how money and success will change a person, especially if that success happens overnight. Double especially if that suddenly rich person is in the public eye.

Will they get caught up in crazy spending habits, dropping thousands of dollars on unnecessary items like diamond encrusted swimming pools and turquoise poodles? Or worse, will they fall victim to reckless and uncontrollable gambling? Or will they clamp down on those purse strings tighter than ever before? Shopping exclusively at dollar stores and refusing to buy anything without a manufacturer's coupon?

For real celebrities the outcome is decidedly split. Some learn from their pre-Hollywood days and stash their cash for a rainy day. Other's go hog wild, blowing entire college funds worth of money on a single, ill-advised bet.

From Ben Affleck to Sophie Turner and even Donald Trump, it's time to take a look at the celebrities who fell victim to gambling addiction and some who became the biggest penny pinchers in Tinseltown.

Here are the 8 Celebrities Who Are Gambling Addicts (And 8 Who Are Cheap).

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Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2
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16 Gambler: Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2

Surprisingly, quiet Peter Parker is quite the poker addict. Aadly, he’s a bit of a sore loser as well. In 2011, it was revealed that Tobey Maguire was involved with underground gambling rings, taking part in high-stakes poker games with other Hollywood players. Maguire got so into the illegal games he was known to play twice a week in high-priced hotels around the L.A. area.

CEO and Ponzi-scheme runner Brad Ruderman lost over $300,000 to Maguire in these games and Ruderman’s victims were not having it.

Because Maguire’s winnings were through illegal and unlicensed games, the victims sued for the money. They believed they had a right to the cash Ruderman had lost due to the sneaky nature of the games.

15 Cheap: Sophie Turner

X-Men: Apocalypse - Sophie Turner as Jean Grey

Along with being a cheap friend, Turner is an awfully cheap date. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Her dream date was inspired by a friend’s very chill Netflix session. The Jean Grey actress proclaims Domino’s and Anchorman to be the keys to her heart.

14 Gambler: Ben Affleck

There may have been nannies and producers and a billion reasons why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to called it quits -- but all those cheating scandals were surprisingly not the main issue in Bennifer 2.0’s relationship.

Garner pointed to Affleck’s gambling addiction and heavy drinking as the driving force behind filing for divorce in 2015.

Just the year prior, Affleck had planned a romantic getaway with then-wife Garner that ended in disgrace and embarrassment.

The Vegas trip was meant to be a romantic couples’ retreat before Affleck left home for a few months to film Batman v. Superman, but quickly turned into a scandal when Affleck was caught by security counting cards. The Gone Girl actor was quickly banned from the Hard Rock Casino. How romantic.

13 Cheap: Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks in Coyote Ugly

The queen of “smizing” doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she’s cheap and she’s proud! The supermodel and talk show host doesn’t wear designer clothes, she wears jeans and dresses within her audience’s budget.

Proudly proclaiming herself to have been raised “frugal” Banks does all she can to save a dollar whenever possible. She retells the story of an office with particularly bad carpeting. Realizing the massive expense replacing carpet would entail, Banks painted the walls to match the flooring and make the room a bit more bearable.

Rumored to be so cheap that she pilfers shampoo and toiletries from hotel stays -- Banks extends her penny-pinching ways to those who work for her.

She asks potential candidates to reveal their spending habits before officially offering them a job. She believes people's’ spending habits reveal a lot about their actual personalities.

12 Gambler: Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan shocked the world when he suddenly retired at what appeared to be the height of the Chicago Bulls’ success. However, Jordan came back (thank goodness, where we would be without Space Jam?) and fans were immediately left to wonder, “What was up with all that?”

In 1992, Jordan testified in the trial of drug dealer James Bouler in an attempt to explain away a check signed with his name in the amount of $57,000.

Initially claiming the check to be part of a business deal, but eventually he recanted that story and admitted the check was to pay off gambling losses. A year later, businessman Richard Equinas, claimed to have won over $900,000 from Jordan in golf bets.

Later, rumors and suspicions would make the connection between Jordan’s brief retirement and his gambling troubles. Some would wonder if the basketball great was secretly suspended from the NBA to prevent negative press and to allow Jordan to work through his troubles.

11 Cheap: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Despite tons of mega-popular films, a bunch of restaurants, and all those That ‘70s Show royalties, the couple likes to keep things simple. Well, Kunis does at least. However, her man has no problem playing along and that’s what love is all about.

While chatting with Conan O’Brien, the talk show host complemented Kunis on her frugal nature. Not afraid to poke fun at herself, Kunis corrected the host, telling him she’s actually just “cheap.” She then shared the story of her quest for the perfect (and perfectly affordable) wedding band set.

Kutcher ponied up the cash for a gorgeously bling-filled engagement ring, but Kunis bought the pair’s wedding bands and she refused to pay the “astronomical” prices at Tiffany’s. The Black Swan actress found a pair of simple platinum bands on Etsy and immediately completed the order for under $200.

10 Gambler: Pete Rose

Kane attacks Pete Rose at Wrestlemania XIV

Pete Rose had unending loyalty for his baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds. He believed in his team so much he would only ever bet that they would win. Wait … say what now?

That’s right, Rose bet on his team while acting as their manager, which is a huge no-no. Needless to say, the MLB was not happy to learn of Rose’s misdeeds.

The former owner agreed to a lifetime ban from the sport following the discovery of his gambling proclivities. However, he never bet on the sport while he was actually playing it…

That’s what he said for 26 years before finally admitting that, yeah, he did that too. Surprisingly, despite years of investigating Rose’s misconduct, the evidence of these bets was only discovered as a byproduct of a mail fraud investigation.

9 Cheap: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

If you thought Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were bad, wait until you hear about these two. Kristen Bell is so devoted to saving a buck she uses coupons every chance she gets and is known for wearing the Target brand on the red carpet. However, this duo totally one-upped Kunis’s low-priced wedding bands. Their entire wedding was only $142.

Bell and Shepard wore sensible clothes to their very low-key courthouse wedding. The couple frequently tweet about their enthusiastic trips to Costco.

Even when Bell does take the time to dress up for the Red Carpet she still keeps her toiletries as inexpensive as possible. Bell wore a $4 essential oil to the 2016 Emmys and even offered to spring for a bottle for interviewer Giuliana Rancic.

8 Gambler: Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx in White House Down

Jamie Foxx didn’t just have gambling problems, he was actually arrested thanks to his extracurricular activities. Both Foxx and his sister were arrested way back in the halcyon days of 2003 after withholding their personal identification and then refusing to leave a casino.

Security guards attempted to kick out the siblings after they refused to show their IDs while trying to get in a little 4:00 A.M. gambling… like you do. Police were called and things quickly went off the rails.

Foxx’s sister, Deidra Dixon, struck an officer during the proceedings and the brother and sister were pepper sprayed for their trouble. The Django Unchained actor was booked on a slew of charges including simple battery, resisting arrest, and trespassing. Good thing Katie Holmes has mellowed him out since then.

7 Cheap: Kate Hudson

Almost Famous Kate Hudson director's cut

There’s reason behind Kate Hudson’s famously laid back, beach vibe -- she can’t afford to go crazy on her clothing budget. No, the Deep Water Horizon actress isn’t broke.

She just has more important things to spend her money on than thousand dollar dresses. When Hudson needs to get dolled up for a night out in Tinseltown, she simply borrows her fancy red carpet frocks and puts the money saved towards her children’s tuition.

Hudson praises her mother, Goldie Hawn, with her sensible nature. She believes her famous mama wanted to teach her and her brother to be humble and grateful for the life of privilege they were born into.

Though she does admit to going nuts on famous brands before they became popular (and expensive), she makes sure her kids are always taken care of first. Lesson well learned!

6 Gambler: Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen in The Big Bang Theory

OK, this one isn’t much of a surprise. Sheen has suffered from all sorts of addictions and bad life decisions from drugs to Tiger’s Blood. Gambling is simply one more issue on a long list of problems for the former Two and a Half Men actor.

Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards filed for divorce in 2006 citing a number of reasons, including Sheen’s uncontrollable gambling addiction.

Richards claimed her ex-husband had gotten into the habit of spending around $200,000 a week on gambling alone. That and Sheen’s drug and prostitution addictions did not add up to marital bliss.

Sheen claimed to have kicked his gambling habit in 2011. However, five years later in December 2016, Sheen and a number of celebrities were found to be connected to a gambling ring run by the mafia.

5 Cheap: Jessica Alba

Jason Statham and Jessica Alba in Mechanic Resurrection
Jason Statham and Jessica Alba in Mechanic: Resurrection

Jessica Alba is all about the healthy, natural lifestyle. However, her business came under fire for the Sin City actress’s questionable policies. Alba’s ironically named The Honest Company was blasted for being, well, dishonest when it came to locking customers into surprise subscription packages.

Parents looking for free samples in the early years of Alba’s business venture found themselves automatically signed up for a monthly subscription. However, when they attempted to shut the orders down, they found it incredibly difficult to do so.

Alba’s penny-pinching ways extend to her own children’s care. While her aversion to hiring nannies was chalked up to a discomfort with the thought of strangers caring for her children-- sources have also claimed that the actress relishes the financial rewards gained from the smaller fees required by relatives who agree to babysit.

4 Gambler: Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby has seriously fallen from comedy grace, but his illegal activities go deeper than you might be aware of. In June it was revealed that Cosby had been bitten by the gambling bug in a major way. The game of choice? Football.

For a while in the 1980s, Cosby was prone to betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Miami Dolphins, his favorite team.

Chris Columbo, who was imprisoned for bookmaking, accused Cosby of betting almost weekly, sometimes for as much as $400,000 at a time. The former comedian jumped through virtual hoops to place his illegal bets.

Then-NBC employee Frank Scotti was said to phone the bets in for Cosby. Scotti was also said to receive literal bags of money from Cosby to pay off the women brought backstage by the comedian. 

3 Cheap: Jay Leno

Jay Leno

Jay Leno has pretty much worked two or more jobs his entire adult life. At one point, he worked a car dealership while attempting stand-up comedy on the side. Seizing on an incredible opportunity to get ahead, Leno would save the money he made at the dealership and spend the money earned from his comedy gigs.

Always saving the larger income and living on the smaller-- this discipline continued as he rose to fame. Eventually, Leno would bring in $30 million a year through as host of The Tonight Show. Sure enough, he didn’t touch one red cent of those riches.

Leno revealed the secret to his lifestyle-- he made sure to perform 150 stand-up comedy gigs a year while simultaneously hosting his late night talk show.

This allowed him to live a comfortable life without dipping into his talk show host income. Leno isn’t just saving his riches for a rainy day, he wants financial security in his retirement days.

2 Gambler: John McCain

John McCain is a “maverick,” a POW, a cancer survivor, and a… high roller? That’s the word on the street. The senator is said to have hit the craps table immediately after failing to nab the presidential bid in 2000. He did the same thing (along with catching a boxing match) after his bid failed again in 2007.

McCain is said to be such a huge fan of gambling that he leveraged his political position to save a once dying industry by proposing laws that would benefit casinos.

In fact, McCain has done so much to support the gambling industry that bigwigs in Vegas have done their best to return the favor, earning $2 million and $400,000 in respective fundraisers for the high-rolling senator.

1 Cheap: Donald Trump

Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live

Yes, the President of the United States of America, despite his $3.5 billion net worth, is actually pretty cheap. The founders of Spy magazine conducted a stunt where they sent a bunch of incredibly meaningless checks to prominent New Yorkers to see who would actually take the time to cash them.

The prank began with a 64 cent check… which Trump made sure to cash. The checks continued to shrink in size, all the way down to 16 cents. Trump cashed them every time.

Trump’s stinginess extends to those around him. When Charlie Sheen was set to marry Brooke Mueller in 2011, Trump approached the pair at dinner and apologized for being unable to make it to their wedding … which he wasn’t invited to.

He then removed the “platinum diamond” cufflinks he was wearing and gave them to Sheen as a wedding gift. Naturally, the cufflinks were fake.


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