CBS Passes on 'Beverly Hills Cop' Pilot - Will It Be Picked Up by Another Network?

Beverly Hills Cop - Eddie Murphy

The formula made such perfect sense: take a celebrated action comedy film franchise (Beverly Hills Cop) and the star of that franchise (Eddie Murphy in a limited role), add a good cast with name recognition aplenty (Brandon T. Jackson, Kevin Pollack), solid producing (Shawn Ryan) and directing (Barry Sonnenfeld) talent, and the CBS' pilot/reboot was supposed to be a sure thing.

Surprisingly, though, things have not worked out that way, and now the pilot has been passed over.

Set up as a starring vehicle for Jackson as Axel Foley's cop son Aaron, the show would have been a one-hour action dramedy that had occasional appearances by Murphy. Now, though, that's all put in doubt, but it seems like Sony and Paramount will shop the show elsewhere, as it had been a popular project prior to its initial deal with CBS. Where they'll take it now remains to be seen.

Without discussing the quality of the show (though one would imagine that something had to be imperfect for CBS to pass), finding a new home could be a challenge for Ryan and company due to the calendar.

Simply put, most networks are currently working diligently to construct their fall schedules, sifting through known quantities and new projects that they've had eyes on throughout the development process. For those studio execs and programmers, Beverly Hills Cop surely presents an intriguing possibility, but if the show is overly expensive or wrought with problems, it might just be easier to pass on it instead.

Of course, this project could always be sold as a mid-season solution for networks where the best laid plans can be undone once viewers pick the new shows apart. Doing that could give producers a chance to correct any issues (assuming there are any) or recast (assuming they need to).

Really, anything could happen at this point, but with Paramount's stake in this project and in the rights to the film franchise (that they may or may not have dreams of expanding upon or rebooting someday), it seems pretty certain that they are going to do all they can to get Beverly Hills Cop on television at some point in the near future.


Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more news about the new fall line-up and Beverly Hills Cop.

Source: Deadline

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