Midseason Schedule Shift: CBS Moves 'Blue Bloods' & 'The Defenders'

CBS Moves Blue Bloods to Wednesday Nights

CBS has been pretty lucky this season. Unlike its rival networks, which have had to cut mediocre shows (and even some good ones), CBS has had the luxury of keeping all of its new shows on the air. In fact, the network has found enough success with its lineup of programs that it now has the luxury to spice things up a bit with new scheduling.

In a recent news release, CBS announced that it was moving the relatively popular cop drama Blue Bloods from its Friday night slot to Wednesday nights at 10:00 pm for a four-week run beginning January 19th.

Given the fact that Friday is a weaker night for TV competition, CBS is testing whether Blue Bloods' success (it was number one among 25-54-year-olds in its former timeslot) can carry over to a more prominent day. As I wrote in my review of the premiere episode of Blue Bloods, the show definitely offered a lot of potential and it seems to have lived up to that potential so far this season.

After Blue Bloods completes its four-week run, CBS will swap it out for the debut of the new Criminal Minds spinoff, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, which stars Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo. Suspect Behavior will debut immediately following the original Criminal Minds, which is a smart strategy for engaging original franchise fans with the spin-off.

The Defenders Gets Rescheduled

The one show that gets the shaft in the CBS schedule shuffle is the legal comedy/drama The Defenders, starring Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell as Las Vegas defense attorneys. While popular among its fans, The Defenders has had a tougher time finding a mainstream audience. The show would still be considered a success on another network, but for CBS it's the weak link, which is why it's getting moved to the lower profile 8:00 PM Friday night timeslot.

Check out the new CBS lineup below:

Wednesdays, beginning Jan. 19

  • 8:00 PM Live to Dance
  • 9:00 PM Criminal Minds
  • 10:00 PM Blue Bloods

Fridays, beginning Feb. 4

  • 8:00 PM The Defenders
  • 9:00 PM CSI: NY

Fridays, beginning Feb. 11

  • 8:00 PM The Defenders
  • 9:00 PM CSI: NY
  • 10:00 PM Blue Bloods

Wednesday, beginning Feb. 16

  • 8:00 PM Survivor: Redemption Island
  • 9:00 PM Criminal Minds
  • 10:00 PM Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Monday, beginning Feb. 21

  • 8:00 PM How I Met Your Mother
  • 8:30 PM Mad Love
  • 9:00 PM Two and A Half Men
  • 9:30 PM Mike & Molly
  • 10:00 PM Hawaii Five-0

Thursday, beginning Feb. 24

  • 8:00 PM The Big Bang Theory
  • 8:30 PM Rules of Engagement
  • 9:00 PM CSI
  • 10:00 PM The Mentalist

Friday, beginning April 1

  • 8:00 PM Chaos
  • 9:00 PM CSI: NY
  • 10:00 PM Blue Bloods

For information on what shows have and have not been canceled so far this year, check out Screen Rant's 2010 TV Status Update Guide.

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