Movie & TV News Wrap Up: November 12th, 2012

Our wrap up includes older CBS shows coming to Hulu, Alex Proyas signing on to direct 'Amped,' and the return of the original 'X-Men' costume designer for 'Days of Future Past.'

X-Men Costume Designer Returning for Days of Future Past

This week:

Hulu will begin offering series from CBS' back library; another Daniel Wilson novel is being developed for the big screen; Rachel Weisz, Robert Pattinson, and Viggo Mortensen have signed on for David Cronenberg's next film; a teaser trailer has been released for The Europa Report; Dark Knight Rises writer David Goyer has signed on to produce a new project; X-Men and X2 costume designer Louise Mingenbach will return for Days of Future Past.


Early last week, Hulu and CBS announced a partnership that would offer many of the network's content on the streaming service.

Hulu CBS Partnership

Though the deal does not include current CBS hit shows like CSI and NCIS, some 2,6000 episodes of older CBS content will be available to Hulu Plus subscribers starting in January. This includes more recent fare like Medium, Numbers, and CSI: Miami, as well as classic CBS shows like Star Trek, I Love Lucy, and The Twilight Zone.

For those who are uninterested in pulling the trigger on a Hulu Plus subscription, which includes expanded access to many other networks' series, CBS has also announced a plan to feature a rotating library of content on Unfortunately, there's no word on what series might be available during these free cycles just yet.

Source: Wall Street Journal


Author Daniel H. Wilson is in the final stages of a deal with Working Title Films that would bring his novel Amped to the bring screen.

Daniel Wilson Amped Deal

The project was originally in development at Summit, but the studio let the rights lapse after their merger with Lionsgate earlier this year. Wilson's work has become a hot commodity as of late, especially after Steven Spielberg signed on to direct his 2009 novel Robopocalypse.

Even though Working Title has yet to finalize the deal with Wilson, they have already approached Alex Proyas (I, Robot) to direct the film. The novel's story focuses on a war between technologically-enhanced people and ordinary humans - a concept that sounds well within Proyas' comfort zone.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Robert Pattinson, Viggo Mortensen, and Rachel Weisz have signed on for director David Cronenberg's next film, Maps to the Stars.

Weisz, Pattinson, Mortensen Join Maps to Stars

French site Allocine has the scoop, which claims the film will begin production in May of next year. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the way of a plot synopsis provided by the site.

Though this will mark Weisz's first collaboration with the prolific director, both Pattinson and Mortensen are no strangers to working with Cronenberg. Of Cronenberg's last four feature films, Mortensen has starred in all but one, Cosmopolis, which starred Robert Pattinson.

Source: Allocine [via Cinema Blend]


The first teaser trailer for The Europa Report (formerly Europa) has been released. Check it out below:

The film, which follows a group of six astronauts sent to search for extraterrestrial life on Jupiter's fourth moon, stars Sharlto Copley (The A-Team) and Michael Nyqvist (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). At the helm of Europa Report is Ecuadorian director Sebastian Cordero, who is working off a script by Philip Gelatt. The major selling point of the film, besides its indie appeal, will be Copley, who broke onto the scene in the 2009 film District 9.

Until now, not much had been known about the film, but based on the teaser it's safe to say the mission to Europa doesn't go according to plan. It's also hard not to notice similarities between The Europa Report and last year's extremely disappointing horror film Apollo 18, even though this trailer doesn't clearly establish itself as found footage.

The Europa Report currently has no release date.

Source: IndieWire


David Goyer and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura have signed on to produce a feature film adaptation of Patrick Lee's book, The Breach.

David Goyer Producing The Breach

Goyer, who wrote the scripts for Batman Begins and Man of Steel, and Di Bonaventura, producer of the Transformers franchise, are no stranger to blockbuster tent poles, but there is currently no word on how they will position the film. For those that are curious, The Breach's story centers on an ex-cop who tries to prevent an oncoming apocalypse, a concept that could have some mass appeal.

Though Goyer is mostly known as a screenwriter - he is currently scripting Legendary's Godzilla reboot - it will be Justin Rhodes who pens the screenplay for The Breach. Variety hypothesizes that Goyer could helm the project, though, if he's interested. Unfortunately, the films that Goyer has directed- The Unborn, The Invisible, and Blade: Trinity - haven't been as well-received as his script work.

Source: Variety


Director Bryan Singer, who most recently was confirmed to replace Matthew Vaughn on X-Men: Days of Future Past, has announced the return of costume designer Louise Mingenbach to the franchise.

X-Men Costume Designer Returning for Days of Future Past

Singer confirmed the news on Twitter, where he tweeted a picture of Mingenbach, along with the message, "Nice to have Louise Mingenbach back doing costumes. Much to do!" In addition to providing the costumes for both Singer-directed X-Men films and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Mingenbach was responsible for Superman's costume in Superman Returns. Needless to say, she has familiarity with the comic book genre.

Whether or not her reinvention of the X-Men's iconic costumes for the big screen - which may have inspired the design of the X-Men: First Class costumes - were successful is another question.

Source: Bryan Singer - Twitter

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