CBS Announces Fall Series Renewals - Did Your Favorites Make the Cut?

Springtime means gradually warming temperatures, the return of green to the horizon, and the brutal period in which television networks decide which shows will live and which will die. Following nearly a full season's worth of ratings (or already doomed early cancellations), the choices made by the Big Three are often less than surprising.

This is certainly the case with CBS, which has released its list of primetime series set for renewal. A few well-liked newcomers and plenty of mainstays are set to return to television for another run this autumn.

Deadline reports that CBS has announced the full lineup of narrative shows set to receive new episode orders. The list includes the Sherlock Holmes-in-America series Elementary and the consistently lauded legal drama The Good Wife. All of the renewed series are as follows:

Also included in the announcement was the renewal of CBS's various reality and news programs, to absolutely no surprise. 60 Minutes, 48 Hours, The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Undercover Boss will all return to the airwaves this fall.

Notable exceptions do not appear on the above list. Perennial, long-running hits such as CSI and NCIS have already been confirmed to be returning for (completely unsurprising) new seasons. The Big Bang Theory is in the middle of its current three-year contract and How I Met Your Mother has stated that its next season will be its last.

Vegas Dennis Quaid

Also left out of the renewal list were the procedural favorite Criminal Minds and period crime drama Vegas. Facing dropping ratings, Vegas has been on hiatus and will return in a new timeslot (9 p.m. on Fridays) later in the spring to finish out its season. If the show manages to steady its ratings, it may see a last-minute reprieve and second-season order. That said, common wisdom states that Friday is the place straggling shows are sent to quietly die.

Criminal Minds is on steadier ground than Vegas, as the show's production is simply renegotiating contracts with its principal stars. Unless something goes hideously wrong and a significant portion of the cast walks away from the series, it is very likely that Criminal Minds will return for another batch of episodes later this year.

The renewed lineup does little to shake up CBS's current primetime paradigm of well-entrenched reality series, fan-favorite sitcoms, and often-quirky police procedurals. It will be more than interesting to see if Vegas – one of the more promising new properties on network television – can overcome its unfortunate new timeslot and survive the rest of 2013.


Source: Deadline

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