Catwoman's Movie Costume Becomes DC Comics Canon

It looks like Catwoman's movie suit is finally entering the DC Comics canon in Batman #46. It's all a part of the lead-up to the marriage of Batman and Catwoman planned for Issue #50 releasing this July. The biggest twist in the modern Batman comics isn't relying on a new supervillain, the death of a loved one, or a trip through time and space - just saying 'I do' at Bruce's wedding to Selina Kyle.

Well... maybe a trip through time and space, considering who is sharing the cover of Batman #46 with the Dark Knight and his soon-to-be bride. Whatever adventure awaits when Booster Gold crashes into Gotham City ahead of the wedding, it will be taking Michelle Pfeiffer's famous stitched bodysuit from the movies into the new continuity of DC Comics.

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The cover art has been officially released just as Batman #44 hits comic book shops, showing Tony S Daniel's new variant artwork for the book. Hhis previously revealed variant will move forward several issues, confirming Catwoman isn't dead by then... (always a risk). The comic shows a new look for Selina Kyle and Bruce, and when Booster Gold is around... well, usually that's an alternate timeline to blame.

For those taking issue with the claim that a black bodysuit is, inherently, a nod to Tim Burton's Batman Returns, we hear your rebuttal. As deihard DC fans know, the black bodysuit has been the go-to look for iconic artist Jim Lee for years (this design also includes the circular 'collar' detail).

We'll get to that in a moment, but first, check out the cover below:

In delivering this version of the Catsuit, Tony S Daniel - along with inker Danny Miki and colorist Tomeu Morey - has made sure to channel the Burton design with large white stitching and a return to the signature cowl cutouts in place of her more common goggles. So, is it a new Catwoman suit? One that might have been, in a different timeline?

We won't know for sure until Batman #46 releases in full, but until then, let your speculation run wild informed by the plot synopsis explaining Booster's role (and risks injected into DC's biggest wedding in years):

"THE TRAVELERS" part two! Booster Gold’s wedding present has screwed up Batman’s past, and done even more damage to his present. Now, with the Caped Crusader himself refusing to cooperate, the only way for Booster to correct this runaway timeline is to get Catwoman on his side. But with her own past altered, can he make Catwoman recognize the qualities in her husband-to-be that brought them together in the first place? Plus, if Batman isn’t doing his job, Gotham City may become way more dangerous than our bumbling time-traveler might be ready for.

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Batman #46 arrives May 2, 2018 from DC Comics.

Source: Tony Daniel (via CBR)

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