Catherine Hardwicke Speaks Up About Leaving 'New Moon'

Another week, another Twilight tidbit. It's becoming a tired trend, but this piece of news might rain on the vampire parade. Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about her "detailed on-set journal" that she kept throughout the filming of Twilight, but she also mentions why she turned down the sequel, New Moon.

When it was announced, that Summit Entertainment would be pushing forward with New Moon, it came as no surprise, considering how well Twilight did at the box office. However, the proposed release date for New Moon, November 2009, raised some eyebrows. Although principal photography on Twilight only took 44 days and wrapped May 2, 2008, the film was still ready for release on November 21 of last year. That schedule is the same for New Moon, but this time around the shoot includes a two-week stint in Italy, werewolves and a new director.

Here's what Hardwicke had to say about the limited budget and strict timetable set forth by Summit for New Moon:

I really did feel a strong connection to the people around the world that liked the movie – and to Stephenie [Meyer] and the actors. But I just didn’t think I could make a good movie under those circumstances.

Negotiations hit a breaking point, even though Hardwicke was offered "more money than [she] or anyone in [her] family has ever seen..." Working on the tight deadline and with a modest budget would be too difficult, she felt. Hardwicke claims she was "devastated," but her new book, Twilight: Director's Notebook, is meant to be a fun farewell, including her doodles and ideas scribbled in the margins. Hardwicke also remains optimistic about how New Moon will turn out without her at the helm, and claims she will move on to "do something else cool."

Twilight: Director's Notebook is available March 17 but you can check two pages online at EW. Twilight arrives on DVD March 21, 2009, and we shall see if Chris Weitz can deliver a New Moon on November 20, 2009.


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